A classmate of mine addressed the question as to whether or not human beings can live in a utopian society.

While a worker and a creator should enjoy a profit because of an idea they envisioned, we cannot have a permanent underclass due to exploitation of workers who are forced to take what little may come their way, compliments of the “generous” CEO who lives in three multi-million dollar mansions and only works one day a week.

Here was my response to the question at hand.

“We can, but some people will have to learn about their place in said society.

This means that one only takes what one needs-and no more.  Severe penalties should be imposed for greed and discrimination.

If this comes across as if I advocate a socialist state, you’re close.  This is because humans are, by their very nature, greedy.  Humans discriminate against those whom they refuse to understand, and it’s easier for a ‘have’ to dismiss a ‘have not’ as a lazy deadbeat, when in fact such a ‘deadbeat’ is not properly nourished to perform critical thinking skills, improperly housed so that they cannot be well-rested, and thus, be a more productive worker, and economically secure.

This is why I cheer for revolutionaries in many deprived nations (especially in the West), where the rich have seen to it that there is a permanent underclass to exploit and replace upon their demise at the job.  We have even gotten to the point where elections in this nation no longer matter.  This is where one has to heed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s warning about revolution; that those who are not allowed to conduct peaceful revolution will begin a violent revolution.

Americans now live in the time period President Kennedy warned us about.   The haves must either share what they have been allowed to earn or face the fates of the French and Russian aristocracies.

Henry Ford was aware of this and this was one of the reasons why he paid his workers five dollars per day (the other reason was because Ford wanted his workers to buy the Model-T so that Ford Motor Company could attract a market; that if the Model-T was good enough for the men who built it, it was good enough for every John and Mary in Smalltown, U.S.A.).

Finally, read the Book of Acts in the Bible and you will come to realize that the early Christian Church was socialist in nature.  Read about what happened to Ananias and Sapphira.

Acts 5:1-11 NIV

I wonder how my classmate will react to my response.



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