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Here’s My Voting Information, Bastard!

Trump henchman, Jeff Sessions, wants our voting information-which is strange when one considers the fact that Sessions went after three black activists in 1985 and lost the case, according to the New York Times.

The truth of the matter is that the Republican Party has a history of voter suppression, but this is a blatant attempt at disenfranchisement.

If the Republican Party is the party of less government and more freedom, explain why the members of that party want to know for whom I have voted and why they demand the last four digits of my Social Security number.

America is the nation where one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  However, since Republicans hate Americans, they would rather lock up anyone who isn’t a bigot or a religious fundamentalist.

The Republican Party is nothing more than a terrorist organization, and they should be treated like any other group of terrorists who seek to frighten real Americans into exchanging their freedom for the illusion of security.  If Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump want my information, they have to get a warrant.

I will not volunteer my voting information.

I don’t answer to bigots, fascists, or narcissistic sociopaths.  I am an American and I have rights under the Fourth Amendment.  If Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump want my voter information, they can either get a warrant or go fuck each other in what I hear is their secret location.

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