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Why Should We Give Him Any of Our Voting Data?

Donald Trump blasted state governments for their refusal to surrender voter data to his corrupt administration Monday.
The question one should ask is what business is it of his?

While it’s his narcissistic ego which demands to understand why Hillary Clinton beat him by three million votes, it’s also interesting to note that those who have been caught in voter fraud have been his own supporters-but he won’t tell you that.  He’ll flat-out deny it.

He not only wants voter registrations, but voting histories, as well.  This should scare normal people, as this is how right-wing dictatorships begin.

It’s clear that Trump wants to make himself President-for-life, and in that case, one can only hope that he dies within the next six months.  I mean, looking at that massive girth of his, one cannot attest to any sense of the notion that Donald Trump is physically healthy (forget about the idea of Trump being psychologically healthy, because we all know that he isn’t).

For their part, members of the Republican Party are silent; serving as henchmen in Trump’s narcissistic game of ultra (white) nationalism (which is strange, since his merchandise is made overseas).  This means that they support the American Fuhrer’s fascist agenda and this also means that the members of the Republican Party lie to your face when they tell you that they are for less government-not when it pertains to your vote against them.  In that case, the Republicans want to know why you voted Democratic, and when you look at what the Republicans did to people in the 1950s, they aren’t above libel and slander to ruin lives.

Doesn’t that go against the commandment ‘do not bear false witness’?

Well, I am going to save the bastard the trouble right now.

I vote Democratic.
I have always voted Democratic since I first registered to vote in 1988.
I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if you put a gun to my head.  Why?
Republicans are theocratic fascists who are the most bigoted pieces of human excrement to ever walk the face of any planet, and they are traitors.  Just remember Iran-Contra under Reagan and then ask yourself why George W. Bush had no interest in going after Bin Laden after September 11, 2001.
Bush not concerned about Bin Laden

There you go.