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Straight From the Chairman of the Board

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They Just Won’t Go Away

While some supporters of Bernie Sanders came to their senses last fall, we still have (mostly) Hippies who continue to count on him, not only to capture the Democratic nomination in three years time, but they also insist that he will beat Donald Trump.

The funny thing is that you look at these people and you can tell they never left the Cheech and Chong Film Festival that was held on 4/20.

Hell! Even Cheech and Chong left that joint when it ended!

How do I know that they are Woodstock surplus, you ask? Just look at most of them. The old men still have the straggly, barely-kept beards and most of the women look like Janis Joplin.

What do they want?

They want a perfect democracy in which no corporation can influence a candidate. The problem with that line of thinking is that the unions will be screwed, because the Republicans and their corporate masters will hide the money in secret offshore accounts, then it will be the Democrats who lose-as will we!

Most of those who still support Sanders never think that far out-well, at least, not in the usual political sense.

I learned very early that democracy sucks, no matter who you support, and Mick Jagger sang the reason as to why that is-you know the song, so sing it with me: “You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find…you get what you need.”

That’s why I stay in the game. That’s also why I don’t waste my time with Independents. I’d rather vote Democratic and get a little than vote for this election cycle’s political messiah and lose it all.

The only comforting thought that I have is that, knowing how much LSD these people dropped back in the day, it’s safe to forecast that we won’t have to put up with their kind in three years.

Why do I make that statement?

My mother graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology in 1968. Now, she, being a geek, never did drugs of any kind. What wrecked my mother’s brain was having a psychologist for a daughter, a race car driver for a younger son, and a heavy metal guitarist-turned left-wing political activist for an older son.

Why would the woman need drugs?

Many Sanders supporters just never became adults, and you can always tell. They have the delusions that they did when they wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
That’s not to say that I don’t want those same things. I just know that it’s not going to happen via democracy, because Joe Average is a selfish idiot who would rather believe the worst assumptions about those he doesn’t understand instead of getting to know them.

McCain, the Hero

What happened in the Senate chamber could have come straight from a Hollywood movie from the 1940s.

A physically-compromised senator, the Republican from Arizona, John McCain, battling brain cancer, walked slowly into the chamber on Friday night, his colleagues look on in shock.

The man has been through worse as a prisoner in Vietnam, but he was a much younger and stronger man in those days. However, his days are drawing and Senator McCain knows that, whatever he may not like about the Affordable Care Act, to scrap it and replace it with the tragedies of the past which led to its creation in the first place would be no solution.

Senator McCain also knows that there is something serious amiss with Donald Trump, as Trump represents everything that Senator McCain fought against when he was in the military. After some words with Mike Pence, Senator McCain makes his way to the Democratic side of the chamber, where he is hugged by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Amy Kohlbacher of Minnesota.

McConnell looked smug, confident that he had the number of votes. But then, something happened.

McCain's thumb is down! McConnell's arms are crossed in disgust.

Mike Pence wasn't needed, as the final tally was 49-51.

Senator McCain leans over, scribbles onto the paper, and walks past McConnell.

He ultimately joins Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine as the only Republicans to vote against the repeal.

McConnell realises at that moment that he has lost, but calls it a loss for the American people. That's strange, but the Affordable Care Act is actually popular.

According to Senator McCain's response on Twitter: "Skinny repeal fell short because it felt short of our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with meaningful reform."

Senator McCain may not be a fan of the Affordable Care Act, but he also realises that a return to the past is not an option. As for Trump, he tweeted that three Republicans and 48 Democrats "let the American people down."

Trump offered no plan of his own, but only sought to berate the three Republicans who did the right thing-one of which has suffered more than Donald Trump ever has.

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are now forever welded together in American history. The two men began as opponents in 2008, but Senator John McCain defended then-Senator Obama more than once against racists when he called Senator Obama a good man. Now, nearly a decade later, the ailing Senator McCain preserves his former rival's legacy by marching to the front and being the maverick.

Charlie Gard, A Person. Not A Poster Child for the Pro-Life Bunch

Leave it to the American right-wing to make an issue out of a poor child for whom they would have no regard had he survived.

Here is what Nevada Republican, Crescent Hardy, said about children with disabilities:

“”I had three children: One was summa cum laude and two were magnum cum laude, and the other didn’t need an education, he works for Raytheon and is smarter than all the rest because he works hard. He builds things that are genius, and some people have that ability and I’m grateful [inaudible] I don’t know where that came from. But they all work hard. They’re raising their own families. They’re doing their own thing. They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that.”

So, these religious organizations can get lost with their fake sympathy, because they have no regard for children with disabilities.

No, I haven’t stated that at all.  Pay attention.  What I’ve stated is that if a conservative is going to ‘fight for life,’ it might be a good idea to read 1 John 3:17-18, so as to put their words into action.

As for Charlie, I feel for him.  This planet is a horrible place to live, but at least he will never know the phony anguish some have displayed, as the right-to-life crowd simply used him to score political points.

Maybe they should be more concerned about helping kids with developmental disabilities live fulfilling lives.  As far as drains on society are concerned, go see an Iraq War vet who didn’t pay attention to the road during that quagmire.

Charlie didn’t choose to live with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, but that American child rapist who caused a lot of carnage in Haditha chose to fight a war against a nation which never attacked the United States.

Help kids like Charlie.  As for the idiot who wore khaki camouflage, he can take a flying leap for not paying attention to world affairs when he was in high school and for not paying attention to the road when he played war in the desert.



k've har for nylig bemærket, at nogle læsere i Danmark. For dem af jer, der talte til mig, jeg lod mig forestille sig. Mit navn er Jim Rousch. Jeg er oprindeligt fra forstæderne til Los Angeles, Californien, men i øjeblikket bor i en forstad til Denver. I en alder af tretten oprør jeg på en måde at redde mig fra tallene myndighed, der ikke forstår eller bekymrer sig om min læring. Jeg etablerede et heavy metal band sammen 1985-1987 Jeg var sangeren og rytme guitarist. Mine tekster og melodier, der minder tidlig Black Sabbath, komponeret til tekster fjendtlig protest mod Reagan-administrationen - ingen ville forvente fra en 15-årig. Jeg startede i 1992 for de demokratiske præsidentkandidat kampagner og meningsdannere stykker for signalet i Santa Clarita, publiceret Californien arbejde. Jeg arbejdede også med en person med autisme næsten ti år; Den lærer sociale færdigheder og beskytter dig mod intolerance. Jeg elsker hadet af amerikanske konservative, fordi de ikke kan se, hvor store de er aldrig forladt dig. Det er virkelig en fornøjelse at eksponere deres bigotteri, hykleri og dumhed. Konservative er nemme at ødelægge, og ved, at jeg ødelægger Når de udøver eller kognitiv dissonans i personlige angreb. Et vigtigt mål for denne hjemmeside er den, der er faldet til hjælp fra bøller, snæversynede, æsler. Du ved, konservativ! Da jeg ikke har alle de oplysninger, jeg har brug for at være opmærksom på situationer, og jeg håber, at nogen kan hjælpe nærheden. Jeg også kommentere begivenhederne i dag, så jeg invitere alle, der har et socialt onde, der skal beskyttes mig Frihed i forbindelse. Selv hvis du ikke kan have løsningen på dit problem, kan jeg skrive om det i håb om, at nogen er i dit område. Mit speciale er at hjælpe mennesker med udviklingsforstyrrelser, fordi jeg har svær hjerneskade forårsaget af meningitis, som jeg købte i 1971. Jeg er en kandidat i psykologi ved University of Phoenix og jeg vil tjene en Master of Education. Jeg er ikke den typiske amerikanske. Jeg ved ikke, jeg laver forskning, og jeg er stolt af mit arbejde. Hvis jeg tager fejl, vil jeg tage ansvar og bede om at være fint. Hvad der sker, er, at jeg har mine kilder og mine modstandere kalder på Jorden. Og selvfølgelig har vi sparket også som de er. Det er, hvad der skete. Fortæl mig, hvilken tilstand du kommer fra, så du kan undersøge deres kultur og til dette svar.

Welcome Finland, And I Hope I Got All of this Right!


k've on äskettäin huomannut, että jotkut lukijat Suomessa. Niille teistä, jotka puhui minulle, annoin itseni kuvitella. Nimeni on Jim Rousch. Olen kotoisin esikaupunkialueella Los Angeles, Kalifornia, mutta tällä hetkellä asuu lähiössä Denver. Iässä kolmentoista I kapinoi keino pelastaa minut auktoriteettihahmoja jotka eivät ymmärrä tai välitä minun oppimista. Perustin heavy metal bändi 1985-1987 olin laulaja ja komppikitaristi. Minun sanoitukset ja melodiat tuovat mieleen varhaisen Black Sabbathin, sävelletty tekstien vihamielisiä protestina Reaganin - kukaan odottaa 15-vuotiaan. Aloitin vuonna 1992 demokraattisen presidenttikampanjoissa ja lausunnon kappaletta signaalin Santa Clarita, Kalifornia julkaistu teos. Olen myös työskennellyt jonkun autismin lähes kymmenen vuotta; Se opettaa sosiaalisia taitoja ja suojelee sinua suvaitsemattomuutta. Rakastan vihasin American konservatiivit, koska he eivät näe, kuinka suuria ne ovat koskaan lähtenyt sinua. On todella ilo altistamaan kiihkoilua, tekopyhyyden ja tyhmyys. Konservatiivit ovat helppo tuhota, ja tiedän, että tuhoan kun ne harjoittavat tai kognitiivista ristiriitaa henkilökohtaisia ​​hyökkäyksiä. Päätavoite tällä sivustolla on joka on laskenut apua roistot, bigots, aaseja. Tiedäthän, konservatiivinen! Koska minulla ei ole kaikkia tietoja minun täytyy kiinnittää huomiota tilanteisiin, ja toivon, että joku voi auttaa lähellä. Olen myös kommentoida päivän tapahtumista, joten pyydän kuka tahansa sosiaalinen paha, jota täytyy suojella minua vapaus yhteydessä. Vaikka et voi olla ratkaisu ongelmaan, voin kirjoittaa siitä siinä toivossa, että joku on omalla alueella. Minun erikoisuus on auttaa ihmisiä Kehitysvammaisten, koska minulla on vakavia aivovaurio aiheuttamia aivokalvontulehdus, jota ostetaan 1971st Olen valmistunut psykologian yliopistossa Phoenix ja aion ansaita kasvatustieteiden maisteri. En ole tyypillinen amerikkalainen. En tiedä olen tekemässä tutkimusta ja olen ylpeä työstäni. Jos olen väärässä, otan vastuun ja pyydän olevan kunnossa. Mitä tapahtuu, että minulla on lähteitä ja vastustajani soittaa maapallolla. Ja tietysti myös potkut, koska ne ovat. Niin tapahtui. Kerro minulle, mitä valtion tulet, joten voit tutkia heidän kulttuuriaan ja tämän vastauksen.

Grazie, Italia!


ve notato di recente che alcuni lettori in Italia. Per quelli di voi che mi è scattato, si prega lasciate che mi presenti.

Il mio nome è Jim Rousch. Sono originario di periferia di Los Angeles, in California, ma attualmente vive nella periferia di Denver.

All'età di tredici anni mi sono ribellato in un modo per salvare me stesso dalle figure di autorità che non aveva capito o curato circa il mio apprendimento. Ho stabilito insieme ad una band heavy metal 1985-1987 ero il cantante e chitarrista ritmico. I miei testi e le melodie che ricordano primi Black Sabbath, per testi composti di protesta ostile contro l'amministrazione Reagan - nessuno si sarebbe aspettato da un 15-year-old.

Ho iniziato nel 1992 a lavorare per le campagne presidenziali democratici e pezzi d'opinione pubblicato per il segnale a Santa Clarita, in California. Ho anche lavorato con una persona con autismo quasi dieci anni; Insegna abilità sociali e ti protegge dalle intolleranze.

Mi piace essere odiato dai conservatori americani, perché non lasciano mai non si può vedere quanto sono grandi. E 'veramente un piacere di esporre il loro fanatismo, l'ipocrisia e la stupidità. I conservatori sono facili da distruggere, e so di avere a distruggere quando impegnati in attacchi personali o dissonanza cognitiva.

Uno degli scopi principali di questo sito è quello di aiutare coloro che sono caduti da bulli, bigotti, asini. Sai, conservatore!

Dal momento che non sono complete, faccio prestare attenzione alle situazioni e spero che qualcuno possa aiutare nelle vicinanze. Ho anche commentare i fatti del giorno, per cui vi invito chiunque abbia una piaga sociale che dovrebbe essere protetto in contatto con me libertà. Anche se non si può avere la soluzione al vostro problema, posso scrivere su di esso, sperando che qualcuno nel tuo quartiere è.

La mia specialità è aiutare le persone con disabilità dello sviluppo, perché ho gravi danni cerebrali causati dalla meningite, che ho acquisito nel 1971.

Sono un laureato di psicologia presso l'Università di Phoenix e io acquisire un Master of Education.

Io non sono il tipico americano. Non lo so, sto facendo la ricerca e sono orgoglioso del mio lavoro. Se mi sbaglio, mi prendo la responsabilità e chiedo di essere bene. Quello che succede è che ho le mie fonti e miei avversari chiamo sulla terra. E, naturalmente, abbiamo dato loro come sono. Questo è ciò che accade.

Ti prego, dimmi quale stato di provenienza, in modo da poter esaminare la loro cultura e su quella risposta.

Danke, Deutchland!


k’ve hat vor kurzem bemerkt, dass einige Leser in Deutschland. Für diejenigen von Ihnen, die mich angesprochen, lass ich mich vorstellen. Mein Name ist Jim Rousch. Ich bin ursprünglich aus den Vororten von Los Angeles, Kalifornien, aber derzeit in einem Vorort von Denver leben. Im Alter von dreizehn Jahren rebellierte ich in einer Weise, mich von den Autoritätspersonen zu retten, die nicht verstanden hatte, oder über mein Lernen betreut. Ich etablierte mit einer Heavy-Metal-Band zusammen 1985-1987 ich der Sänger und Rhythmusgitarrist war. Meine Texte und Melodien erinnern früh Black Sabbath, für Texte komponierten feindlichen Protest gegen die Reagan-Administration – niemand würden von einem 15-jährigen erwartet. Ich begann im Jahr 1992 für die demokratischen Präsidentschafts-Kampagnen und Meinungsstücke für das Signal in Santa Clarita, Kalifornien veröffentlicht zu arbeiten. Ich arbeitete auch mit jemandem mit Autismus fast zehn Jahren; Es lehrt soziale Fähigkeiten und schützt Sie vor Intoleranz. Ich liebe es von amerikanischen Konservativen gehasst, weil sie dich nie verlassen kann nicht sehen, wie groß sie sind. Es ist wirklich ein Vergnügen, ihre Bigotterie, Heuchelei und Dummheit zu belichten. Konservative sind leicht zu zerstören, und weiß, dass ich zu zerstören, wenn sie in persönlichen Angriffen oder kognitive Dissonanz eingreifen. Eines der Hauptziele dieser Seite ist die, die gefallen sind von Schlägern, Frömmler, Esel zu helfen. Sie wissen, konservativ! Da ich nicht alle Informationen bin, muss ich die Aufmerksamkeit auf Situationen zahlen, und ich hoffe, dass jemand in der Nähe helfen kann. Ich auch Angaben zu den Ereignissen des Tages, so lade ich jeden, der ein soziales Übel hat, die mich geschützt werden sollte Freiheit in Verbindung. Auch wenn Sie nicht die Lösung für Ihr Problem haben können, kann ich darüber schreiben, in der Hoffnung, dass jemand in Ihrer Nähe ist. Meine Spezialität hilft Menschen mit Entwicklungsstörungen, weil ich schwere Hirnschäden durch Meningitis verursacht habe, die ich im Jahr 1971 erworben. Ich bin ein Absolvent der Psychologie an der University of Phoenix und ich werde einen Master of Education erwerben. Ich bin nicht der typische Amerikaner. Ich weiß nicht, ich tue Forschung und ich bin stolz auf meine Arbeit. Wenn ich falsch bin, nehme ich die Verantwortung und stellen in Ordnung zu sein. Was passiert, ist, dass ich meine Quellen und meine Gegner rufen auf der Erde haben. Und natürlich wir traten sie, wie sie sind. Das ist, was passiert. Bitte sagen Sie mir, in welchem ​​Zustand Sie kommen, so können Sie ihre Kultur untersuchen und auf diese Antwort.

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