Don Lemon asked Trump supporter Monday on CNN what would happen to him if the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed and replaced with the Republican alternative.

“We won’t be insured,” he said.  “We won’t be able to afford premiums.”

The funny part is that this lifelong Republican began to cry.

What a shock!  The Republicans want to kill him!  So, why does he continue to vote for a group of terrorists who want to kill him and make a profit off of his demise?

There’s no sense in attempting to educate a conservative on the consequences of his voting behavior because his amygdala is primitive, whereas a liberal’s is well-developed, according to many studies and many published articles.  This may explain why they become violent once they are shown the truth.

Take this example from the Daily Mail.

On the bright side, the fewer Republican voters, the better. I really don’t give a shit whether they live or die. I’m only concerned about those who have no say in the matter-children.

Okay, so their parents die. Great.

We should put their brainwashed children in liberal homes where they’ll be taught that they are their brother’s keeper and that their parents died because their parents were idiots. 


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