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Spread The Word So That Someone Will Help You Out

I can write this all day and all night long with my views and my own suggestions, but the truth of the matter is that there are people who need help.

I want to know where you are.

Who’s fucking with your rights?

Who’s in the way of your dream because they believe they have the legal right to stop you?

Who’s bullying you?

Who’s discriminating against you?

I want to know these things so that someone, somewhere might be able to help you out.

This blog goes all over the world, and we all know that all it takes is one person who isn’t  a lazy slob or and who isn’t a pussy to stand up and say to themselves that they’ve got to help that person-because that’s what we’re supposed to do on this 25,000 mile-round Alcatraz: help each other.

Americans are too involved in themselves to give a damn about their neighbor.  However, other people around the world aren’t like that, so it would be good to know who you are and what you need so that someone nearby might be able to help.

I ask that you please fill out the form and tell me what’s going on so that I can spread the word.  Let’s both hope that someone who’s near you can do what I cannot all these thousands of miles away.

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Guess what I did

You will never guess what I did last night-and I wasn’t fucking around when I did it, either. I was deadly serious.

I submitted a request to join the Black Panthers.

It may perplex many of you to wonder as to why a 47-year-old white male would want to be associated with the Black Panthers.

First of all, the Black Panthers are patriots who stand for equality at all costs. After all, the conservatives have engaged in the purging of votes, gerrymandering of districts, and they support white police officers who murder black people, along with Hispanics, American Indians, and the developmentally disabled.

This is the part where the conservative interrupts and claims that blacks are criminals and that they should just follow commands.

What about that black cop who got shot by white cops earlier this week?

Yeah, I figured that would shut you up.

The truth is that most white liberals are simply too comfortable to have any passion about the cause of justice. While that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in social justice, it does mean that most white liberals are not willing to do what it’s going to take to acquire social justice-and now they voice fear as Trump states that he wants to arrest demonstrators.

You see? Most white liberals simply don’t have the cojones to get the job done, which is a shame when you consider that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were white liberals, as was Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

There are a minority of white liberals who know what it’s going to take to restore freedom for all in the United States, but we may have to wait until the Hippies get Alzheimer’s before we take control and do what it’s going to take to make things right.

While I have no idea what’s going to happen with my request, I’m sure that someone raised an eyebrow

when they saw it pop up on their computer screen.