Why I Write It This Way

Many people will tell you that it isn’t a good idea to use expletives when writing an opinion column or a blog, and there was once a time when I would have agreed with that.

However, we now live in a time where, thanks to our “friends” on the right, there is no longer any civility.

That being stated, there’s nothing left to say but fuck it.

I mean, if those in the party of “family values” can use X-rated verbiage while they shove a holy book they don’t really believe in (or else they would practice what’s in it) our faces, there’s no point in any attempt to stay above the fray or even civil to those who spew false information and try to convince you that what they feed you are nothing more than alternative facts.

Give me a break.

What is an alternative fact? If it’s not up, then it’s down? What about SIDEWAYS?


I, as a columnist and a blogger, should NOT use coarse language. However, tell me which is more offensive; calling Trump Adolf Fucking Hitler with a toupee or knowing that your neighbor supports the idea of throwing 22 million out on the street among the ranks of the uninsured when President Obama had solved this problem and two Supreme Court decisions determined that the black president was right?


Come on, that’s what this really is all about. However, I digress. You were reading about my foul language-as if anyone should really give a fuck about that.

There are times in life where we have to prioritize what offends us, and the idea of 22 million Americans losing their health insurance simply because Republicans want to be the modern-day Nazi movement is far more offensive than my stating that füh·rer, Donald Trump, has the jawbone of an ass.


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