We Know What We Have to Do. The Question Is…Will We?

It’s apparent through Trump’s dismantling of the Affordable Care Act that his sole goal is to kill more Americans than Al-Qaeda has ever dreamed of. After all, what happens when you deny someone health insurance?

That’s right, they die.

It is simply sickening to see liberals cower as if they have no idea of what to do when the answer stares at them like a pit bull on the attack. After all, being a liberal does not mean being a coward-and that’s what a pacifist is.

After all, even Sergeant Alvin York downed Germans in World War I, so there is no excuse for any “liberal” not to stand up for himself.

What good have the demonstrations produced?

What good have the town halls produced?

What good was accomplished by calling your Republican congressman?

Thank you.

As for voting, we know that the elections are rigged now.

Remember what happened last year?

Remember what happened in Colorado in 2014?

Remember what happened in 2004 and 2000?

Americans suffered each time this happened, and there will be more suffering unless a new breed of liberals take over, shut down the Hippies (who were never really serious about revolution in the first place-just look at how they lived in the Eighties), and make good on President Kennedy’s threat-especially since Trump’s goons now talk about arresting people as they exercise their right them, as per the Constitution.


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