The Right’s Last Hurrah-Assuming Liberals Have Balls, Anyway

Donald Trump and his heartless Republican Party have made it quite clear that this is the right’s swan song.

By throwing 24 million people off of health insurance, not only has Donald Trump and the Republican Party ensured the death of their theocratic fascist political party, but they have now endangered those who are the stupidest voters in the nation: white Christian conservatives.

These are the fools who tell you that Jesus Christ is about to return, yet even He said that He has no idea when that might; that only His Father knows the answer to that question. They have obviously forgotten 2 Peter 3:4, which reads: “Where is this coming He promised us?”

These are the hypocrites who tell people not to have children they can’t afford, yet oppose birth control. The funny thing is that 1 Corinthians 7 tells you when you’re supposed to have sex-and money is never mentioned. Paul wrote that you are to not deprive each other; that you are to come together because of your lack of self-control.

This is why it’s so easy to destroy a Christian conservative with his own book.
Most Christians are hypocrites-and you really know that you have inflicted a direct hit when they either state that you misquoted Scripture, that the devil cites Scripture for his own purpose (Shakespeare), or when they become violent. Just ask them how much Christ charged for a healing and they go crazy. However, a new night is dawning.

Fewer people believe in Christianity today because they see how Christians behave-and even Gandhi mentioned as much; that Christians don’t act like Christ. Christians would tell Christ to get a second minimum wage job.

That’s how hypocritically spiteful they are.

An even more interesting fact is their supposed need to be armed. If God the Father protects His children, as the verse goes: What can man do to me?”

The American Christian is as dangerous as any member of ISIS, as he is as hateful, hypocritical, and stupid as the other terrorist whom he claims to despise. The only problem is that both of them are too stupid to realise that they are really the same.
They believe rape victims are whores.

They both hate Jews.
They both want a theocracy.
They both want to rule the world.
Just remember that Reagan gave Iran our missiles.

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