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How to fight the right-wing

You can’t fix hate with love. That’s going to get you killed every time. Think of how vaccines prevent illness.

The baby boomers are too cowardly to admit that they were wrong, and we with developmental disabilities, are about to lose our civil rights on account of their cowardice.

Bernie didn’t give a shit about us, so those who claim to be liberals had better. Ignore people like me and you all will suffer. Listen to me and you will reclaim your freedom, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Those who oppose me can go ahead and say what they want, because they  will only prove me to be as correct as as I was last year when they all thought I was a right-wing troll.

Have they wised up? We’ll see how well they listen this time. Any rebuttals, and I will know that they haven’t learned anything.

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