James T. Hodgekin opened fire on a Republican baseball practice today in Virginia, but let’s take a close look at the facts.

Donald Trump called this a brutal assault.  Five are wounded (MSNBC), and that’s somehow a brutal assault?  Doesn’t a brutal assault with a firearm usually involve scores of casualties?

Who is Donald Trump to talk about the idea of a brutal assault?

Isn’t this the same Donald Trump who allowed his supporters to beat the living hell out of those who opposed him last year?  Isn’t this the same Donald Trump who said that someone should have their jacket taken from them before they were thrown out in subzero weather?

No wonder we had a shooting today!  Donald Trump started all of this!
MSNBC reports that Hodgekin then got into a gunfight with law enforcement-which is not a particularly intelligent thing to do.

He was outnumbered.

According the report, Hodgekin asked if it was the Republicans or the Democrats practicing on the field.  However, the most interesting thing about this is that he had a history of problems with the law-yet he was still able to get a gun.

What did this man write about in his hometown paper?  Income inequality-which makes him a decent human being.

What do Republicans do?  Republicans cut taxes for billionaires who ship jobs overseas and build prisons in which to punish the poor-this after Republicans cut public education and social programs.

Hodgekin may have been eccentric, but he should not be dismissed.  He told the Republican Party and he told Donald Trump that there is a price for fixing presidential elections.  Let’s also not forget that the right-wing has called for all-out attacks on liberals in recent months.




The Republican Party cannot claim innocence, as they are the ones who have brought this upon themselves.  Republicans have victimized Americans by cutting social programs, neglecting the infrastructure, and attempting to take healthcare away from millions of Americans.

And what of the guy who got shot?  What’s his record?

Here’s all you need to know about Steve Scalise:


Lastly, CNN reports that Scalise has attempted to bridge the gap between conservative and moderate Republicans in the mission to repeal the Affordable Care Act:
“As the House majority whip, Scalise is tasked with tracking other Republican members and ensuring there are enough votes to win approval of key priorities, like repealing Obamacare.” (source:http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/14/politics/who-is-steve-scalise/index.html)


You see, this is what happens when you support the idea of taking health care from Americans while you are resting comfortably in your hospital bed-at taxpayer expense.

Now, tell me again about that war the right-wing wants to fight against us; the one that Pat Buchanan suggested?

Be careful what you wish for.

Do you think it’s time to start caring for each other and helping one another out, or is this just going to continue?

What do you say, Republicans?  Your call.



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