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Trump Is Fucked If He Fires Mueller

We already know that Donald Trump is hiding a lot of crap.

Donald Trump is a traitor.  Everyone knows it, and I have no problem saying that to his face because of the First Amendment-and I would, too!  I’m just that kind of guy.

Look, even Reagan faked his cooperation during the Iran-Contra scandal, and one of the first things he did, as well as one of the last things he did, was that he stated his case on prime time-which was good advice to heed from his handlers.

However, when it comes to old Wigboy, why would a billionaire want the White House?  I have been trying to figure that out ever since H. Ross Perot’s first shot at it in 1992.  Perot scared the shit out of me-until he dropped out of the race.  I knew he had lost his credibility when he returned to the track.

It’s no secret that Wigboy is a corrupt billionaire who pays substandard wages across the globe (CNN).  The bastard makes more money than God.  Why take the White House? Does he intend to sell it to Moscow, or something?

While that’s pure speculation on my part, it’s almost something worth the ponder because we know Trump’s connections to Moscow.

Just read these articles here.

Trump’s Russian masters


The fact that Middle Americans fell for this charlatan demonstrates the fact that there are people who are just too stupid to occupy a voting booth.  Look at his blue-collar supporters.  Do these dumb motherfuckers who live in shacks really look as if they graduated from Yale?

Just think how fucked they’ll be after Trump gets fucked for firing Mueller!



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