Having graduated from college was one of the biggest middle fingers I could have ever flipped at a society which questioned my intellect and my sobriety, as so many assumed that I was a drug addict.

I flashed the horns to the audience the moment I received mine from the deans, which basically meant: “Fuck you, America! You did everything to stop me,and here I am, you fucking bastards!

Most people who struggle with developmental disabilities never make it past high school, and I was 25 years behind in receiving my degree.

Do I forgive America for its prejudice against people like me? Fuck no! Why should I? To forgive a society which espouses bigotry is to condone the same. One must never forgive bigots, but give them a taste of their own poison upon their ascent to power.

That is to say one knocks others out of the way and crushes them. One sneers at those who interfered with their progress when the bigots begin to falter and go into decline. It’s completely human to hate those who hate you without reason, and it is quite liberating to shoot one’s enemies down and watch their spirits sink into Sheol.

My plans now are to acquire my Master’s degree and kick even more ass than I ever have.

To my critics who are right-wing freaks, if you can’t congratulate someone like me for beating you at your own game, do me a favor….

Fuck off.IMG_0222[1]IMG_0222[1]

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