reported Tuesday that children with IEPs are twice as likely to face suspension than other children who don’t have disabilities.

What is the true purpose of suspending a child who has a learning disability or attention deficit disorder?  All that does is discourage the child and give him or her a good reason to be truant later on.

There are a lot of American school administrators in the American education system who are either too impatient or too stupid to understand that these kids are gifted, and I’ve named some examples of gifted kids with learning disabilities from history.

You wouldn’t have a light bulb if it weren’t for a kid with a learning disability.
You would still be a British subject if weren’t for a kid with a learning disability.
Great Britain would have been destroyed by Nazi Germany had it not been for a dyslexic.

Dare those of us of LD give you the diagnosis that you are fairly fucking stupid now?

This is not only for your bigotry and your unbelief, but mainly for your stubbornness, and the fact that I just acquired my bachelor’s degree on Saturday makes you even more a fucking idiot than you were previously.

While the detractors of this columnist will cite my use of the f-word as an excuse to dismiss me, everyone knows that these are the same intellectual bigots who label children with learning disabilities as either lazy or stupid.

Fuck you.

By the way, did you know that ‘fuck’ was not always an obscenity?  Fuckin’ eh!  Thank recent history for that one!

Children with learning disabilities develop an “attitude” in order to survive at least thirteen brutal years of schooling.  That’s why they talk back.  That’s why they have no respect for authority.

You can’t beat respect into a child who needs your help.  You earn respect by helping that child who struggles so that he or she can keep pace with the class and prevent the feeling of hopelessness from setting in-and we all know what happens when people lose hope…which is why no one should be pitied after their Mercedes was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday night.

You brought that on yourself when you rejected that person as a child for something he couldn’t help.   And if you are being treated for a gunshot wound, what’s the difference between your beating a child with a learning disability and that child firing a 9 mm at you when put him in that position after you destroyed his self-esteem?

Republicans want to cut special ed programs

If anyone should have programs cut, it’s returning soldiers who questioned the patriotism of others before they ran off to a quagmire in the desert and drove over a bomb.

After all, military service is voluntary, but acquiring a learning disability is not.

You either give the kids with learning disabilities a break, or those of us who still have self-esteem won’t give a shit what happens to you…just like you didn’t care about us.

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