The Guardian reported  Angela Merkel’s assertion Sunday that Europe cannot completely trust the United States anymore.

The question to be asked is how long baby boomer, peace and love “liberals” going to take before they grow spines and get Trump and Pence out of the White House by any means necessary.

It is the baby boomer “liberals” who are to blame for this mess even more than the Trumpster bigots, the Alt-Right, and the Tea Party because these doves never think of any other solution other than protesting like they did in 1968.

While I have engaged in that action in the past, I did so to cross it off the list-with the full knowledge that it would fail.  I enforced an autistic man’s civil rights under the 14th Amendment and under the Americans with Disabilities Act through verbal brutality and fear.  I got those white bigots to shut up-and very quickly.

Voting no longer works because the American electoral system is dripping with electronic fraud and civil rights laws are no longer enforced.

Forget about getting money out of politics-they’ve been working on that since Athens and Rome. What makes you think you’re so fucking special that you think you can prevent the right-wing from cheating in that sense?

One liberal asked me the incredibly stupid question of what we should do, since neither voting nor protesting no longer work, and the writer of this column just about had an accident because she couldn’t think of what our ancestors did to solve their problems in the 1770s and 1780s.

While middle-class white liberals are known for their use of deductive reasoning, she failed to use hers. Maybe it’s just that I’m much younger than she is, or maybe it’s that I didn’t go to Woodstock like she probably did.

No, I heard better bands at Ozzfest. However, that’s beside the point.

What the white “liberals” of the Sixties and Seventies need to figure out is that it’s not wrong to hate in every situation.

I hate racists.
I hate anyone who harasses an interracial couple.
I hate homophobes.
I hate anyone who pokes fun at someone with a developmental disability-especially Trump!
I hate the circus.
I hate badges and the guns that come with them.

The difference is that conservatives hate without reason, while someone like this columnist hates from personal experience.

If today’s American liberals want to restore Europe’s faith in our nation and her ability to lead, American liberals need to abandon the self-destructive tactics of the 1960s and adopt tactics which have been known to work in the past.

Being polite to the American Führer hasn’t helped, so either take it to the next level or stay home and cower.

MLK failed to end DWB, so do what thou wilt.


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