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Pro-Life Is Pro-Starvation

Everyone knows that Christian conservatives are the biggest group of liars in this nation.

Christian conservatives want to waste money on war when the Bible states that we should be at peace with each other.

Christian conservatives want to cut taxes like a cuts a jugular vein after Christ and the Apostle Paul stated that they are to pay them.  Paul even stated that governing is a full-time job.

Christian conservatives want to get rid of social programs, but don’t want to hire the disabled.

I was at the makeshift Jefferson County Library in Colorado yesterday when this Christian conservative proved my point.  How did I know she was a Christian?  She asked me if I had ever read the Bible.  She also didn’t believe me when I told her that Gene Simmons of Kiss cared more about my suicidal thoughts than my own pastor.

Yes, I am well aware of which party he usually votes, so we will skip that.

Actually, let’s not.

Gene learned of my learning disabilities and he had heard of what happened at his book signing at Border’s Bookstore in Northridge, California.

He commended me, but enough about that.

The point is that this pro-birth hypocrite with whom I discussed human rights in the library told me that people with developmental disabilities should only be employed at what they  do well.  That is when I dropped Fat Man on the bitch.

“How the fuck do you know what our talents are?” I demanded.
“Can you watch your language, please?”
“Fuck my verbiage, you bigot.  I’ll have know that I got meningitis as an infant, and the reason I’m 25 years behind is because of lowlifes like you who doubt my abilities-but… I’ll bet you give to every vet loser who raped in Haditha.  I’ll bet you don’t realize that I’m getting my psychology degree next week-which I should have gotten in 1992.  I will never get those stolen years back!”

“You need to calm down.”

“You need to shut up and listen, bitch.  You don’t force life into this world and then cut the social programs the person needs to survive.  Just remember that 2 Peter 3:4 is about to come to pass.  Are you aware of that passage?”


“I suggest you read it-because the tide is about to turn against you, and you are talking to Proverbs 18:19.  I suggest you read that passage as well, as Christianity nearly made me commit suicide.  It was Gene Simmons who kept me alive while the Church damn near killed me through bullying.  It’s those like you who needlessly commit enemies.”

I will be fair and acknowledge the fact that there are Christians in this world who have apologized for what others in the Church have done to people like me.  This is because they realize the repercussions which are soon to come-according to Christ.  However, those who behave the like passage in 1 John 3:17-18 (the vast majority in this religion) are liars when they claim to support life because they will vote for candidates who support the tyranny of employers while the right-wing dismantles the safety net.

Conservatives are really no better than Hitler in this sense.  In actuality, the American conservative agrees with Adolf Hitler.  This is because there are “Americans” who want to return to the days when people with developmental disabilities were not allowed to have marry nor have children.  Hitler murdered the disabled outright-and by the way, he hated liberals, as well as labor unions.

Any right-wing hypocrite can stop now.

What good is religious faith when the religious don’t act in accordance to the Founder who told them to be generous to all?

To adhere to the pro-life agenda means that you are your brother’s and sister’s keeper; you make sure that they are able to sustain themselves.  President Obama reminded us that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper, but you know these religious conservatives ignored that because they want to bring back the idea of people being denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Even the Samaritan paid for the other man’s health care-which is something every Christian conservative tries to avoid.

Well, I guess we will soon see who’s on the wrong side of Matthew 25:42-46.


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