June 3, 2017 will be a day I have fought for over the majority of my time on Earth.

I graduate from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology.

Oh, sure.   I understand how right-wing bigots will base their reply upon my foul verbiage, but their opinions mean nothing to me because they were the sons of bitches who put me 25 years behind in life in the first place.

Despite a blackmailed George H.W. Bush’s signature on the bill which became the Americans with Disabilities Act, the law was not enforced until Bill Clinton came to power.  After the Clinton years, George W. swept in and the unemployment rate for workers with developmental disabilities became astronomical.  Even after eight years of the and just Barack Obama, Republicans refuse to approve needed funds to enforce the law so that people with disabilities-especially developmental disabilities-can be gainfully employed.

Then again, a Republican’s mission is to starve the national government.  He is an insurrectionist and a traitor, as well as a religious hypocrite when you listen to the pro-life bile he spews.

Being pro-life means that you adhere to 1 John 3:17-18 to the fucking letter.  Furthermore if you refuse to do exactly as Christ commanded in Matthew 27:10, then you can go to the zoo and do a blowbang for twenty-one elephants  for all I care.

Oh, by the way, you have to do that, too-it’s part of your punishment for being a religious hypocrite who only wants a fetus to turn into a human being while you cut the budget for social services and side with employers who fire employees who struggle with learning disabilities and developmental disabilities.  Employers do that all the time to these people, so God help you if you’re a Republican-because I will not when the Trump economy puts all of you in the street.  In fact, not only will I plunder what you lost, I already encourage people with developmental disabilities and people with learning disabilities to do the very same.

You are a hypocrite-Jeff Sessions, rotten son of a bitch.

Jeff Sessions calls disabled kids the most irritating problem for teachers

Don’t worry though.  Bastards like Sessions get theirs in the end (no pun intended) when you consider that Joseph McCarthy died of cirrhosis in 1957 and Reverend Nicolas Noyes choked on his blood 25 years after he had Sarah Goode murdered for the “crime” of witchcraft in Salem, 1692-which, by the way, she was not.
In all honesty, I do resent this hypocritical society, and I will never forgive this society for that which it has done to people like me.  The worst part of it is that we are labeled as lazy and unmotivated.

That’s fine, I just put the boot on the other foot before I push my detractor off of the bridge.

I have busted my ass for this day, and none of you right-wing hypocrites are going to dilute it with your phony praise or your blatantly venomous assertions which have been thrown at me since I entered kindergarten in 1975.  This is only the beginning, you bastards.  Do people like me a huge favor and fuck off.  Given the bigotry that conservatives throw at people like this author every day, you are entitled to your share asskickings.

Hey, why should I have all the fun?

I’ll see you fuckers in 2019-when I get my Master’s.



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