When you get right to it, those of us with developmental disabilities really shouldn’t give a damn about a holiday which mocks our freedom.

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when three out of four of us are either unemployed or inadequately employed in a land of plenty?

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when cops murder us in the street without a reason?

Cop Smashes Autistic Kid’s Skull

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when parents are allowed to prevent their children from marrying-especially in Southern states?

Americans with developmental disabilities are held hostage by pro-birth terrorists who turn around and cut the budgets which fund the programs they need to become productive citizens.

Do I stutter, Crescent Hardy, you Nazi from Nevada?
Cresent Hardy the Republinazi

Crescent Hardy is the white Christian bunghole representative from Nevada who called people with disabilities a drain on society.

Those who fought for our freedom died at Dunkirk, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Paris, and Inchon, while those who were in the recent quagmire in Iraq don’t hold a candle to real war veterans who had to crush their comrades as they stepped off their landing rafts at Normandy.

In case you haven’t noticed, those who steal from social services for the developmentally disabled are often the same group of losers who victimized civilians in places like Haditha and My Lai.

Let their families take care of them and let us make people with developmental disabilities into employed and productive citizens with the same civil rights as any other real American.

This link from Stars and Stripes is a laugh and a half because today’s veterans tend to be so zombified that they continue to drink the same right-wing Kool-Aid that sent them off to war.  What the hey?  It’s not like the Republicans want to fund the Veteran’s Administration, so what’s the difference?

Trump to Cut VA-the Democrats (sadly) to the rescue

This link from Stars and Stripes is very funny because of the number of braindead veterans who continue to vote Republican.

Trump Plunders Domestic Programs-INCLUDING VA

Those who are worthy became disabled through no fault of their own, while who should fend for themselves are those who questioned our patriotism before they committed war crimes abroad and stole from the developmentally disabled at home as they played war in the desert.

These clowns didn’t fight for our freedom, only those who fought in World War II and Korea are worthy of that honor.

By the way, does anyone know who won the Indianapolis 500 yesterday?  That’s okay.  I guess I can catch it on the DVR.



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