The Huffington Post reported on May 7 of a possibility that Hillary Clinton could actually be installed as president due to Russian interference.

What would the fascists in this nation do if that happens? First, we know that all of Trump’s dictates would go down the toilet. Let’s ponder this one, however.

First, Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States of America by default, because she won the popular vote. One can bring up the Electoral College all they want. However, we all remember the voting irregularities in Pennsylvania.

It would be a relief that Pence would not be president, he is as deep in the quicksand as Wigboy, according to the Salon story of Friday, May, 12, 2017.

It almost makes one wonder if Neil Gorsuch (who was installed as an Associate Justice with fewer than the required SIXTY VOTES IN THE SENATE) would be expelled. If so, it would be due to election fraud in Pennsylvania and other irregularities.

Politico speculated weeks prior to the election that hostile poll-watchers would swing Pennsylvania to Trump five weeks prior to the election.

What’s more, Trump told voters that there would be election fraud.

All of this points to Trump and his acts of treason prior to the election.  However, this columnist is livid with the pacifist left because their lack of initiative was also a component in this election.

What were they supposed to do?








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