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Trump the Traitor

NBC reported Tuesday that the depths of Trump’s treason actually into the bowels of conservatism.

The investigation into Trump’s dealings with Russia became more interesting as NBC and the Washington Post revealed that Trump revealed highly sensitive information to Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Where is the outrage from the right-wing on this finding? They would have called for President Obama’s lynching-and everyone knows it.

Are we to supposed to take it as a given that Republicans get away with treason just because they are white and conservative?

Well, let’s face the fact that no liberals have ever been proven guilty of treason, and those who were wrongly convicted were later exonerated.

The funny thing is that cognitive dissonance kicks if you stop and show these stupid anti-American right-wing traitors the truth-and I can prove it in less than three words:


What happened?

Oliver North got a spot on Fox and Reagan got a freeway and an airport named after him.

Do you suppose that a new knot will be named after Trump; you know…one only used in prisons?


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