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Parents Can Be A Child’s Worst Enemy

Have you ever tried to save a child by alerting the parents that the child is about to get hurt? And if so, did the parents ignore you? And if so, did the child wind up with something like a traumatic brain injury?

It’s one thing to watch a child ride on the front of a shopping cart as if they were a hood ornament on a 1954 Chrysler Imperial. However, it’s quite another to watch the mother ignore you after you warn her that the department store won’t be responsible after the child falls off the cart and cracks his head open.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that children 0 to 14 years of age accounted for 54% of ED visits in 2013, so why would a mother take the risk of ruining her child’s future by allowing her child to behave like a hood ornament?

Sure enough, I saw the same behavior while I had my Frappuccino at the Starbucks location inside of the store. Not only did the little girl return to the front of the cart, but the mother repeated the behavior. So, I did what anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury of his own (an act of God called meningitis) would do: I snitched to the management; telling them that I had already told her twice while she continued to shop around the store.

Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child, and she was right. While those on the right maintained at the time that ‘it takes a family,’ a lot of families clearly aren’t up to the task to raising children, and it is simply up to those of us who know better to save those children from their oblivious parents.

Would you like to learn how many parents deny information about their child’s learning disability due to a traumatic brain injury?

I have no problem going there.


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