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I Did It, Fuckers, So Kiss My Ass!

June 3, 2017 will be a day I have fought for over the majority of my time on Earth.

I graduate from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology.

Oh, sure.   I understand how right-wing bigots will base their reply upon my foul verbiage, but their opinions mean nothing to me because they were the sons of bitches who put me 25 years behind in life in the first place.

Despite a blackmailed George H.W. Bush’s signature on the bill which became the Americans with Disabilities Act, the law was not enforced until Bill Clinton came to power.  After the Clinton years, George W. swept in and the unemployment rate for workers with developmental disabilities became astronomical.  Even after eight years of the and just Barack Obama, Republicans refuse to approve needed funds to enforce the law so that people with disabilities-especially developmental disabilities-can be gainfully employed.

Then again, a Republican’s mission is to starve the national government.  He is an insurrectionist and a traitor, as well as a religious hypocrite when you listen to the pro-life bile he spews.

Being pro-life means that you adhere to 1 John 3:17-18 to the fucking letter.  Furthermore if you refuse to do exactly as Christ commanded in Matthew 27:10, then you can go to the zoo and do a blowbang for twenty-one elephants  for all I care.

Oh, by the way, you have to do that, too-it’s part of your punishment for being a religious hypocrite who only wants a fetus to turn into a human being while you cut the budget for social services and side with employers who fire employees who struggle with learning disabilities and developmental disabilities.  Employers do that all the time to these people, so God help you if you’re a Republican-because I will not when the Trump economy puts all of you in the street.  In fact, not only will I plunder what you lost, I already encourage people with developmental disabilities and people with learning disabilities to do the very same.

You are a hypocrite-Jeff Sessions, rotten son of a bitch.

Jeff Sessions calls disabled kids the most irritating problem for teachers

Don’t worry though.  Bastards like Sessions get theirs in the end (no pun intended) when you consider that Joseph McCarthy died of cirrhosis in 1957 and Reverend Nicolas Noyes choked on his blood 25 years after he had Sarah Goode murdered for the “crime” of witchcraft in Salem, 1692-which, by the way, she was not.
In all honesty, I do resent this hypocritical society, and I will never forgive this society for that which it has done to people like me.  The worst part of it is that we are labeled as lazy and unmotivated.

That’s fine, I just put the boot on the other foot before I push my detractor off of the bridge.

I have busted my ass for this day, and none of you right-wing hypocrites are going to dilute it with your phony praise or your blatantly venomous assertions which have been thrown at me since I entered kindergarten in 1975.  This is only the beginning, you bastards.  Do people like me a huge favor and fuck off.  Given the bigotry that conservatives throw at people like this author every day, you are entitled to your share asskickings.

Hey, why should I have all the fun?

I’ll see you fuckers in 2019-when I get my Master’s.

Pro-Life Is Pro-Starvation

Everyone knows that Christian conservatives are the biggest group of liars in this nation.

Christian conservatives want to waste money on war when the Bible states that we should be at peace with each other.

Christian conservatives want to cut taxes like a cuts a jugular vein after Christ and the Apostle Paul stated that they are to pay them.  Paul even stated that governing is a full-time job.

Christian conservatives want to get rid of social programs, but don’t want to hire the disabled.

I was at the makeshift Jefferson County Library in Colorado yesterday when this Christian conservative proved my point.  How did I know she was a Christian?  She asked me if I had ever read the Bible.  She also didn’t believe me when I told her that Gene Simmons of Kiss cared more about my suicidal thoughts than my own pastor.

Yes, I am well aware of which party he usually votes, so we will skip that.

Actually, let’s not.

Gene learned of my learning disabilities and he had heard of what happened at his book signing at Border’s Bookstore in Northridge, California.

He commended me, but enough about that.

The point is that this pro-birth hypocrite with whom I discussed human rights in the library told me that people with developmental disabilities should only be employed at what they  do well.  That is when I dropped Fat Man on the bitch.

“How the fuck do you know what our talents are?” I demanded.
“Can you watch your language, please?”
“Fuck my verbiage, you bigot.  I’ll have know that I got meningitis as an infant, and the reason I’m 25 years behind is because of lowlifes like you who doubt my abilities-but… I’ll bet you give to every vet loser who raped in Haditha.  I’ll bet you don’t realize that I’m getting my psychology degree next week-which I should have gotten in 1992.  I will never get those stolen years back!”

“You need to calm down.”

“You need to shut up and listen, bitch.  You don’t force life into this world and then cut the social programs the person needs to survive.  Just remember that 2 Peter 3:4 is about to come to pass.  Are you aware of that passage?”


“I suggest you read it-because the tide is about to turn against you, and you are talking to Proverbs 18:19.  I suggest you read that passage as well, as Christianity nearly made me commit suicide.  It was Gene Simmons who kept me alive while the Church damn near killed me through bullying.  It’s those like you who needlessly commit enemies.”

I will be fair and acknowledge the fact that there are Christians in this world who have apologized for what others in the Church have done to people like me.  This is because they realize the repercussions which are soon to come-according to Christ.  However, those who behave the like passage in 1 John 3:17-18 (the vast majority in this religion) are liars when they claim to support life because they will vote for candidates who support the tyranny of employers while the right-wing dismantles the safety net.

Conservatives are really no better than Hitler in this sense.  In actuality, the American conservative agrees with Adolf Hitler.  This is because there are “Americans” who want to return to the days when people with developmental disabilities were not allowed to have marry nor have children.  Hitler murdered the disabled outright-and by the way, he hated liberals, as well as labor unions.

Any right-wing hypocrite can stop now.

What good is religious faith when the religious don’t act in accordance to the Founder who told them to be generous to all?

To adhere to the pro-life agenda means that you are your brother’s and sister’s keeper; you make sure that they are able to sustain themselves.  President Obama reminded us that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper, but you know these religious conservatives ignored that because they want to bring back the idea of people being denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Even the Samaritan paid for the other man’s health care-which is something every Christian conservative tries to avoid.

Well, I guess we will soon see who’s on the wrong side of Matthew 25:42-46.

Honor NO ONE When You’re Not Granted Human Rights!

When you get right to it, those of us with developmental disabilities really shouldn’t give a damn about a holiday which mocks our freedom.

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when three out of four of us are either unemployed or inadequately employed in a land of plenty?

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when cops murder us in the street without a reason?

Cop Smashes Autistic Kid’s Skull

Are Americans with developmental disabilities truly free when parents are allowed to prevent their children from marrying-especially in Southern states?

Americans with developmental disabilities are held hostage by pro-birth terrorists who turn around and cut the budgets which fund the programs they need to become productive citizens.

Do I stutter, Crescent Hardy, you Nazi from Nevada?
Cresent Hardy the Republinazi

Crescent Hardy is the white Christian bunghole representative from Nevada who called people with disabilities a drain on society.

Those who fought for our freedom died at Dunkirk, Normandy, Iwo Jima, Paris, and Inchon, while those who were in the recent quagmire in Iraq don’t hold a candle to real war veterans who had to crush their comrades as they stepped off their landing rafts at Normandy.

In case you haven’t noticed, those who steal from social services for the developmentally disabled are often the same group of losers who victimized civilians in places like Haditha and My Lai.

Let their families take care of them and let us make people with developmental disabilities into employed and productive citizens with the same civil rights as any other real American.

This link from Stars and Stripes is a laugh and a half because today’s veterans tend to be so zombified that they continue to drink the same right-wing Kool-Aid that sent them off to war.  What the hey?  It’s not like the Republicans want to fund the Veteran’s Administration, so what’s the difference?

Trump to Cut VA-the Democrats (sadly) to the rescue

This link from Stars and Stripes is very funny because of the number of braindead veterans who continue to vote Republican.

Trump Plunders Domestic Programs-INCLUDING VA

Those who are worthy became disabled through no fault of their own, while who should fend for themselves are those who questioned our patriotism before they committed war crimes abroad and stole from the developmentally disabled at home as they played war in the desert.

These clowns didn’t fight for our freedom, only those who fought in World War II and Korea are worthy of that honor.

By the way, does anyone know who won the Indianapolis 500 yesterday?  That’s okay.  I guess I can catch it on the DVR.

Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE

Source: Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE

Leave It To Southerners Who Don’t Want To Teach EVERYONE

Does it surprise anyone that a bigot in Georgia gave an eighth grade student a “Least Likely To Pay Attention” award?

Well, leave it to ignorant Southerners to stubbornly fight scientific facts, as it’s very difficult to live with attention deficit disorder.

You feel stupid because you don’t remember things.

You are always in trouble because teachers accuse you of deliberately spacing out.

You are scorned by classmates because the teacher gives them permission to do so by example.

You are accused of being high by the police-and it’s almost always marijuana.

The funny part comes when you are the one who gets fingered for the “attitude” which you had to develop out of self-preservation.

The writer of this article remembers it all, and he fully sympathizes with the eighth grader who attends Memorial Middle School in Rockdale, County, Georgia.  It’s also no surprise that this level of discrimination happened in Georgia, as Southerners are known for their bigotry.  While former President Jimmy Carter is from Georgia, he is the exception rather than the rule. How many Georgians can say they were trained in nuclear engineering?   Well, former President Carter can.  Hence, one wonders if it is something in the water down there which keeps these idiots so bigoted or if it’s simply a matter of too many of them having engaged in the act of cousinfucking for far too long.

It is this columnist’s hope that Nicole Edwards, the girl’s mother, sues the school district and the teacher for punitive damages. It’s hard enough to live with attention deficit disorder without some klansman making it worse by making fun of you in front of the classroom.

ABC News reported on May 15 that two teachers were fired over the incident.  It’s just this columnist’s hope that the story doesn’t end here.

Anyone who makes fun of someone who has a learning disability needs to be made an example of and publicly destroyed without regard to the final consequence for the bully-and you can take that suggestion as far as you want to.

The girl who was victimized by the school system will likely spend years in therapy, and those responsible should pay the bill-even if it means their pensions are drained.  In case one might ask why she might be in psychotherapy for years over a simple case of mockery, the answer is very simple.

Children with learning disabilities often end up believing those who make fun of them.  They struggle with their self-confidence for years.  Words do hurt and some never get over what was said, but only learn how to cope with the pain so that they don’t transfer their inner-hell onto an innocent person.  Personally, it is the hope of this columnist that anyone who made fun of this girl drinks the full cup of a traumatic brain injury so that they will forever suffer the consequence of mocking the vulnerable.

The Traitor Is Always the Hypocrite

Did anyone find it strange that the party which has a hard-on for witch hunts is caught in their own web of hypocrisy-especially with respect to Russia?

The Washington Post reported on February 28 that Republicans voted against action on Trump-Russian associations.

The party which ruined the innocent lives of many people by false testimony and witch hunts continues in its hypocrisy-and I personally knew someone whose career at Lockheed was temporarily damaged by false allegations of treason.

He was allowed back in the Skunk Works after he was cleared of the false charges.

The funniest thing about that was that the man who accused my friend of being a Communist is that he died of throat cancer.

The only reason why the Republicans continue down this road is because they know that the Kansans, Texans, and the rest of the uneducated bunch snort the propaganda like cocaine.  The Republican Party frightens the uneducated out of their economic best interests, and poorly educated conservative voters buy their poison every time.

Don’t sympathize with them.  Sympathize with those whose lives are destroyed by the right-wing.

Sympathize with innocent people who are victimized by Republican budget cuts in social programs-namely the children whom they claimed had a right to life.

It is clear that the Republican Party bends over for terrorist states (observe Trump’s behavior with Saudi royalty).

It is clear that the Republican Party frightens the truly stupid into voting against their own economic interests.

It is also clear that Republican voters are so bigoted that they can’t see the blue skies of June.

Republican voters always call liberals Communists, but Republican voters continue to stand by their great white hope like a group of battered Stepford Wives.

What If?

The Huffington Post reported on May 7 of a possibility that Hillary Clinton could actually be installed as president due to Russian interference.

What would the fascists in this nation do if that happens? First, we know that all of Trump’s dictates would go down the toilet. Let’s ponder this one, however.

First, Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States of America by default, because she won the popular vote. One can bring up the Electoral College all they want. However, we all remember the voting irregularities in Pennsylvania.

It would be a relief that Pence would not be president, he is as deep in the quicksand as Wigboy, according to the Salon story of Friday, May, 12, 2017.

It almost makes one wonder if Neil Gorsuch (who was installed as an Associate Justice with fewer than the required SIXTY VOTES IN THE SENATE) would be expelled. If so, it would be due to election fraud in Pennsylvania and other irregularities.

Politico speculated weeks prior to the election that hostile poll-watchers would swing Pennsylvania to Trump five weeks prior to the election.

What’s more, Trump told voters that there would be election fraud.

All of this points to Trump and his acts of treason prior to the election.  However, this columnist is livid with the pacifist left because their lack of initiative was also a component in this election.

What were they supposed to do?







Blackholed Sun Now in the Jesus Christ Pose

Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died at the age of 52, according to the Seattle Times.

Cornell was one of the Seattle performers who, not only made grunge marketable, but also crossed over into heavy metal about the time that Alice In Chains had.

Both Soundgarden and Alice In Chains videos were featured on the long-running MTV show, Headbanger’s Ball in the early 1990’s, and while this columnist was not a fan of Nirvana, he loved material from Soundgarden and AIC.

Very political, Cornell also took part in movements, as he mocked Donald Trump on Trump’s home cyberturf on June 30, 2015, according to Alternative  He also contributed to the soundtrack for the 1992 movie, Singles, and also played a small role in the film.

Cornell was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2011 for Best Original Song, The Keeper, featured in the film, Machine Gun Preacher, according to the Telegraph.  He had concluded performing a show with Soundgarden Wednesday night when he was found on the floor of his hotel room and unresponsive.

MSN reports that Detroit Police are currently investigating Cornell’s death as a suicide.

So Long, American Gobbells.

The American Goebbels breathed his last and was pulled into the bowels of Gehenna earlier today, according to CNN.

The irony is that Roger Ailes rolled a pair of sevens before Justice pulled the trapdoor on the liar and sent him to Hell.

It’s also interesting that “Hell’s Bells” is playing in my office as of this moment. It’s as if a celebration is in progress. This is Ailes’ audience was the poorly educated, white, religious fools who feared others for whatever excuse they could devise at the particular time.

The reason why May 18, 2017 is a day to celebration in the world of politics is because Ailes’ lies affected the outcome of the November 2016 election.  What should have been a double-digit landslide in 2016 became close enough for the Russians to help Trump steal the White House from the Democrats-at the cost of our democracy.

This columnist only mourns the loss of human beings who tried to make Earth a better place to live for the least in any society.  However, Roger Ailes was no human being.  He was a liar from the beginning and the editor thereof.

So long, American Goebbells.

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