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Debate Over Cops Behaving Like The Ku Klux Klan

I saw a debate in the E-Letter section of The Denver Post in which the issue was exactly how racist most police really are.

I used to work with a man who has autism and I eventually learned long after I left the organization with which I was affiliated that he had been swarmed by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies-which I found to be strange since he was in their data base as living with a disability and nonverbal.

Autism While Black must have been the excuse.

The following which you are about to read is a response in which someone came to the conclusion that this country should continue to try the same failed solution which we have been using for decades: standardized testing!  And while I began my response on the subject of standardized testing, I delved deeper into children who live with developmental disabilities and how society treats them-especially what the police do to them.

  • Where I’m from, if cops stop a certain race more often than any other, and the statistics illustrate that they shoot unarmed people, especially if they have a
    developmental disability, we don’t wait for the jury to acquit the cops
    after they murder someone with a developmental disability. We just take care of the situation the way it should have been handled in the first place-especially since the cop is USUALLY acquitted.

    Cops are KNOWN to kill people who are developmentally disabled.…

    or where there is a conflict of interest.

    It’s also known that cops murder five times as many blacks as they murder whites.


    Real people take care of things ourselves because things like THIS tend to happen:…

    PLEASE spare me the right-wing argument that liberals hate police until they need their help.…

    Shouldn’t these pigs be doing time for MANSLAUGHTER at the VERY LEAST for KILLING THIS LITTLE BOY?…

    Cops are known to lie.…

    And you wonder why people burn cities down?

    I have NEVER broken the law, but I have been put to the ground and have had guns pulled on me-right at my head.

    I used to get pulled over all the time for my heavy metal stickers which
    were on the back of my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix-and THAT is
    unconstitutional. An autistic friend of mine was swarmed by six pigs
    from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department-he was in their system as a
    non-verbal autistic.

    Cops are fair game because they are domestic
    terrorists who legalize their prejudices every time they wear that
    badge, and no REAL human being gives a damn when one of them is brought
    to justice.

    Here’s how their widows and girlfriends should take the news….they’ll never be beaten by their husbands and boyfriends again.


    By the way, I notice that MOST OF THEM look like SKINHEADS! Why do they shave their heads?


    Don’t even try to argue with a liberal because that liberal is simply more intelligent than you are. That’s because the liberal does the research.

    Thus, liberals always were, are now, and always will be YOUR SUPERIORS.


    People in this country are supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty-not framed, but PROVEN. Those of us who OBEY THE LAW AND ARE STILL TREATED AS IF WE BROKE THE LAW are TIRED of having our constitutional rights violated and you know what they say happens when you tease the pit bull.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to leave the pit bull alone and if you decided to mind your own business.

    Please stop telling us that not all cops are bad because you saw that they tend to be acquitted more often than not and then there is this to consider:…

    There ARE no good cops today because they protect the bad ones.

    You remember the old saying about one bad apple, right?

    Get ALL of the bad apples out or don’t cry when one is brought to justice by a gang member or a drug dealer, because fewer people care now. That’s what happens when you know someone who has been brutalized by the police despite the fact that that person didn’t break the law.

The tragedy is that I was taught to respect police officers when I was a kid.  I even thought about being in the California Highway Patrol because of the TV show, “C.H.i P.s” but one tends to change his mind after have a 9 millimeter put to his head and mocked for  his hearing problem, not mention the countless pull overs I experienced just for having a Megadeth sticker or a Clinton-Gore ’92 sticker on my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix.

While it is right to respect law enforcement, members of law enforcement must earn that respect.

They should be in the community protecting and serving instead of beating and killing.

Those who state that we should respect members of law enforcement need to hire more Pete Malloys (“Adam-12) and fire all of the Darren Wilsons if members of law enforcement  want our trust, our respect, and our cooperation again.

What those on the right refuse to acknowledge is that there is difference between acting by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law.

One who acts by the letter of the law grants no special consideration.  He shoots the autistic teenager who throws glasses at him after the officer escaped the teen’s chokehold, while
one who acts by the spirit of the law continues his attempt to calm the autistic teen until more qualified help arrives at the scene.

That’s how huge payouts happen, but I guess the taxpayers don’t care-at least not for now anyway.  That’s fine with me because the satisfaction comes when we hear what happened to that officer right as he is leaving the courtroom, secure in the knowledge that the jury just gave him license to do the same all over again.

I think you all know what I mean (wink)!

I have experienced this personally, so there is no debate about this, because anyone who disagrees is simply wrong-and that’s just the end of the conversation.  One who disagrees needs to educate himself on the subject before he makes an ass of himself in front of the entire assembly.

How ’bout those Dodgers, huh?



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