It’s been said that things happen in threes, right?

Something told me that going to church yesterday was a mistake, but there is a reason why I went, for which I will not mention as that nullifies the deed.

While I was greeted by a few of those whom I know when I arrived, the pastor’s sermon was depressing.

Isiah 65:17 allegedly promises that the discrimination and the evil that oppressed experienced while they lived on this plane of existence will never come to mind.

The passage allegedly promises that a baby won’t die a few days after it is forced into this plane of existence and that anyone who dies at the age of 100 will be considered a cursed child.

Another empty promise is that people will live in the homes they built; that others won’t live in the homes that they (the oppressed) constructed; that others will not eat the food that the oppressed grew, nor that their children will not be doomed to fail in life.

This promise goes on to state that Jehovah’s “chosen ones” will enjoy what they made.

It was then that I thought to myself that Jehovah just might be a right-wing Republican, as we read and hear the same lies from the right-wing: work hard, trust in God, and those who die young have themselves to blame.

I became so depressed by the pastor’s well-meaning sermon that, upon taking Holy Communion, I threw the doors open and I stormed out.

I then came across a woman and explained my situation to her.

I told her of my brain damage from meningitis as an infant and of Rand Paul’s agenda to repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act (source:

“No, he doesn’t,” she countered.

I tried to explain how this society blamed me (and others in the same boat I’m in, so don’t think I tried to throw a pity party) for my lack of progress in college during the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the same society sheds a tear over someone who believed a liar, suited up in Iraq, and acquired brain damage when he drove over a roadside bomb.

It was at that very moment when she said she had to leave because her husband was inside of the church.

It’s strange that the fifth verse in the third chapter of the book of Mark states how angry Christ was when He saw the pain and that He became depressed when He saw how hard their hearts were.

What happens when religious people hurt others.

The nineteenth verse in the eighteenth chapter of the Book of Proverbs states that winning the trust of one whom one has hurt is harder than attacking a stronghold.

Remember that she is part of the group which wants to force a rape victim into motherhood.

I will be fair here, however.

Most of the people in this very church of which I mention have known of my niece’s difficulties regarding her cerebral palsy since she was born in 2005 and there are two other people who are developmentally disabled whom the congregation has accepted and loves dearly.

The problem arises one religious people come across someone with whom they converse, but has a traumatic brain injury, as this is an invisible disability.

I feel for this pastor, as he has worked so hard to help me-just wait until he learns that what happened has made all of his hard work in his effort to help me be for naught.

He is a good man and he should not be forced to work harder as a result of a hypocrite who the same thing that the priest did when he saw the injured man who had been robbed by thieves in Luke 10:31-the priest (or religious hypocrite) not only walked by him, but some translations of this parable state that the priest crossed the road!

This is where things become interesting.

This Pew Research survey, published on February 23, 2016 illustrates some interesting findings, some of which surprised me.

However, with so many calls from Christ and His disciples calling for justice, mercy, equality and charity toward those experience physical difficulties or traumatic brain injury, wouldn’t anyone want to know why these supposed “followers of Christ” vote for a political party that wants to abolish the Americans with Disabilities Act when it was a president from that very party who signed the legislation into law back in 1990?

Yeah, that is what the Republican Party does now, as they want to repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act and deny benefits to a mother who is unable to identify the father (source:

That’s like sentencing the victim of a gang rape to a life sentence, and yet the Republican Party wants gullible voters to believe that they are the political party which has God on their side.

HB6064 was written by two white Republican bastards who want to force fetuses into the world: Representative John D. Cavaletto of Salem and Keith Wheeler of Oswego, who represents Illinois’ 50th District.

What you are about to read is just a portion of the bill:

“Provides that if the unmarried mother cannot or refuses to name the child’s father, either a father must be conclusively established by DNA evidence or, within 30 days after birth, another family member who will financially provide for the child must be named, in court, on the birth certificate. Provides that absent DNA evidence or a family member’s name, a birth certificate will not be issued and the mother will be ineligible for financial aid from the State for support of the child.”

So, according to this bill, a 12-year-old girl who has been passed around at one of her father’s poker parties is out of luck because those “godly” Republicans forced her to carry to term, only to refuse her any help just because she is unable to identify which one of her old man’s sick friends knocked her up-and she has to do this within thirty days?

Thankfully, Democrats were able to kill the bill because Democrats hold the majority in that chamber.

By the way, this is why the Commandment about honoring one’s parents should be erased, as not using your birth control or refusing to be a Trojan Man gives one no right to tell their child what to do, but I digress.

I will turn the tables on the religious right by having any religious conservative read 1 John 3:17, as one who wants to force fetuses into this cruel world become responsible for their welfare.

Let’s go one better by turning to Romans 13.  This passage tells right-wingers that they are to pay their taxes and do whatever the government tells them to do, as there is a reason why they reserve the right to execute you if you get out of line!

That’s what should have happened in Oregon, but President Obama’s merciful heart often gets the better of him, the poor man.

While I am absolutely no fan of the police, least they sent that traitor, LaVoy Finnicum, to Gehenna-where he belongs.

The third wonderful example of right-wing hypocrisy was when I was on the way from the church and saw a black truck which had two stickers on its rear window: Ben Carson, 2016 and a sticker about boobies on the right.

The funny part is that I am repeatedly told that liberals like me who support a woman’s right to choose, taxing the rich so that every child can live out the guarantee of an equal chance (not equal result-pay attention to the verbiage!), and experience equality in every other segment of this hypocritical and unjust society while  wanting to keep the words ‘Under God’ in a loyalty oath that becomes a lie when  you recite the words: ‘with liberty and justice for all’, WE the ones who are supposedly going to burn in Hell.

Just so you know, the words ‘Under God’ were not added until 1954!

Read Matthew 25:42-46 if you want to know what the Book alleges will happen to these right-wing hypocrites.

It is quite the shame how religious conservatives condemn those whom they force into the world due to the challenges they face, and they might as well do what Hitler did if that is the way they choose to behave.

That might be the whole idea while Republican voters like the woman I encountered at the church and another person who drove that truck with the Ben Carson 2016 sticker and another sticker on the opposite side of his back window which read: “I love boobies!”

These are the plastic mongrels who pretend to give a rat’s ass about Christ-the One who fed the hungry and healed the sick, the blind, and the mute for free!

While Christ was pro-life, His Church and the political party for which they vote definitely are not, as they ask the same question that Cain did in Genesis 4:9.

I have some news for those who read this article and just happen to be one of the right-wing persuasion, wrap that flag in your crucifix and hit those who live with disabilities with it over the head while you do all you can to prevent any kind of help from coming to us: YES, you ARE your brother’s keeper!   Do what Christ commands you to do before you find yourself on the wrong side of Matthew 25!

What I have yet to understand is why Jehovah admits to disabling children in Exodus 4:11, while forbidding them to enter the Tent of Meeting, when He supposedly states a couple of chapters prior in the Book of Leviticus in Chapter 19:15 that no one is to make life in possible for those who live with disabilities.

Then again, Christ healed the “demon possessed” boy in Luke 9:37-45, who really might have had autism.

So, what is Jehovah’s position with regard to the developmentally disabled-especially when His Son healed them?

Well, we all know that the religious right in the United States could give less than half a damn about us, because no one chose come into this world, and it is the responsibility of one who claims to be a disciple of Christ to help that person exceed what this hypocritical society labels as their full potential.

Sure, Jehovah supposedly wants us all to be born.  However, “His” Word not only states in the Old Testament that He caused child to come into this brutal world a disability and that it is that child’s problem as, Jehovah approves of the discrimination against them-and you read that passage!

The Book of Jude states in 1:22-23 that those who claim to be followers should be merciful to those who doubt.  However, to paraphrase the beginning of Bill Longley’s speech just before the hangman dropped him for murder on the gunfighter, Bill Longley, as he was about to be hanged for murder on October 11, 1878, “We see a good many enemies around us, and mighty few friends.”

This woman whom I came across is no friend to those who have a disability, and I personally cannot wait for someone like her to get the same treatment that she gave me after she suffers her traumatic brain injury!

What a change she will experience!  How do I know that this might happen?

Let me give you some examples from American history.

Just moments before Sarah Goode was executed for witchcraft on July 19, 1692, Revered Nicholas Noyes attempted to corner her into a false confession, to which Goode replied: “You are a liar!  I am no more a witch than you are a wizard!  And if you take my life, God will give you blood to drink!”

Noyes died of a hemorrhage in which his blood gushed out of his mouth.

Senator Joseph McCarthy ruined many innocent lives, including the lives of the Hollywood Ten, as millions of Americans were falsely accused of pledging their allegiance to the political philosophy communism.

I had a friend who was directly affected by this.

Richard worked at Lockheed in the 1950s, and he was escorted out of a building where he was working on projects which were top-secret.

Richard served in the Aleutian Islands during World War II and was awarded two Silver Stars.  How could Richard have been a Communist when he put his life on the line for this ungrateful country?

He eventually was able to return to his former position.  Guess what happened to the one who made the false accusation against Richard?

The bastard died from throat cancer!

As for McCarthy, his alcoholism sent him to Hell three years after Joseph Welch called him out.   McCarthy never recovered from this asskicking after Welch said, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

Finding a conservative with decency is like finding a sober guy connecting his penis to a vacuum cleaner attachment before plugging the Hoover into the wall and flipping the switch.

Again, the funniest part of this is that McCarthy went to Hell in 1957, as his alcoholism did what someone else should have done to him when he was a bully in the United States Senate.

Ronald Reagan was evil, no two ways about it.

138 people in the Reagan Administration were either investigated, faced indictments, or being damn careful with the soap.

Forget about Iran-Contra (which made Reagan an official domestic enemy of the United States of America), but we then turn to his policies against those who suffer from mental illness.

According to, Reagan repealed a law signed by President Carter that funded federal mental health centers.

And then we have Reagan’s quote from on ABC’s Good Morning America from early 1984, in which he stated, “people who are sleeping on the grates…the homeless…are homeless, you might say, by choice.”

All of this comes into play with those who make that pastor’s job harder when they provide proof of how easy it is to discredit Christianity.  What is truly sad is that I know that there truly are people in this religion who do the very best they can to live up to the Great Commission.  Not only do these people demonstrate genuine remorse when they realize that they have hurt someone or misunderstood the person, but they also attempt to make some kind of amends.

All you have to do is observe the cars in any church parking lot on any given Sunday and get their views on issues such as traumatic brain injuries, the Americans with Disabilities Act, their definition of the word disability verses the federal government’s definition of disability, as well as the definition of the word as defined by neuroscientist, their view equal opportunity, their definition of tax fairness, their reaction to the time when taxes were higher under Republican presidents, their view with regard to funding the military industrial complex versus funding domestic programs, infrastructure investment in economically depressed localities, the fact that Republicans in certain states and localities treat the races differently with regard to equal opportunity, and finally what kind of “life” these fetuses are entitled to once from the very moment when they are slapped in the ass.

I once asked a pro-lifer if poor mothers should receive free prenatal care so that the fetuses become healthy babies when they are born.

“Nothing’s free,” he answered.

“Oh, really?  How much is God charging you for the air you’re putting in your lungs?”

That is where this man became so verbally abusive that he actually wanted to fight me-right there in the parking lot of the United States Post Office.

But, back to what happened today.

Read Acts 1:8 and you’ll see that people like the woman I encountered are the ones destroying her religion, yet these are the same people who tell use to look at God instead of looking at “fallible” human beings, as that’s the most popular excuse right behind the dog eating the homework.

I’m sorry, but it’s very hard to see what some claim the reality of God when those same people turn away from the people whom they have belittled, marginalized, and discounted.

It is a crime against humanity when they punish the very same for failing to achieve in life when those who preach “personal responsibility” as they turn around and refuse to help someone who has a learning disability do their best to learn a skill so that that person will become gainfully employed and acquire achievements in life instead of collect checks from the government throughout life.

The victim of discrimination as per their disability will receive their gold watch when those who put barriers in their way so as to cause them to stumble rather than limp their way to success end up in a spine-crushing automobile accident, remember how able they once were prior to their debilitating stroke, or watch in horror when a member of their family experiences what they person whom they discriminated against experienced.

It’s going to be quite fun when 2 Peter 3:4 is fulfilled, but it would have been nice if the hypocrites who vote Republican in the name of God paid attention to Proverbs 15:1, which states that a gentle answer will turn away anger.

While karma can be a bitch to some, those of us who has endured the bigotry and still have any self-esteem left after all of the abuse heaped upon us throughout the course of time laugh at their fabulous disasters.  And while doing so might not restore youth so that we would have a second try, it’s a beautiful thing to see those same bullies sit in wheel chairs with tubes in them while they drool all over themselves and are fully aware of the new their new lives.

Not only is that beautiful-it’s damn sexy.


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