Here Is Proof I Succeeded: Jim Rousch, Class of 2017

My class ring came in the mail today.

I would have ordered it sooner, but there was a little bit of doubt as to whether I would graduate this year or next. However, since I had less than 10 credits to go, I was allowed to participate in graduation exercises.

To bastards like Crescent Hardy of Nevada, who said that people like me are a drain on society, you have been proven wrong.  Crescent Hardy said that disabled children are a drain on society.

Here is what Crescent Hardy said about us!

Excuse me, but I’m not the one who went to Iraq to show everyone how big my penis supposedly was only to drive over a roadside bomb because I thought I was a badass and paid no attention to the road!

My brain damage went into the brain stem when I was six months old. I wasn’t expected to be a contributing member of this sick society.

My left ear can’t hear and I can’t lift anymore, but I can still destroy anyone. My words are like intercontinental ballistic missiles, and I love to fire them off at will.

I have ten itchy fingers just waiting for bigots like Crescent Hardy.

As for myself, I’m getting a Master’s in Education-possibly a doctorate.

I hope Hardy stays alive four more years so that I can show him what someone who has brain damage can do, because I will then tell that bigot to Burn in Hell.

It’s going to be a beautiful moment in Eternity when someone like myself sees of Crescent Hardy in Hell for the way he sees us, but I want him to be around around long enough so he can meet his Satanic Christ.

See You There, Cresent Hardy!

They Want To Secede?? Fuck it, Let ’em.

The Associated Press reported August 12 that Southern Nationalists favor secession from the United States.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s absolutely fine with me.

Think of how much better off the United States of America would be without these racist Southern cocksuckers!

Look at how screwed up the South is when compared to the North and the coasts.

Look at the rates of venereal disease and porn consumption. Look at the teen pregnancy rates! It’s really quite comical when you stop and think about the issue.

These jackballs are so stupid that they are willing to try to break away from the United States again-so I don’t want any Southern son of a cousin to tell me how proud he is of being an American, because he’s lying.

It would be wise of Republicans to fight secession, because they’ll never steal another presidential election again. The only states they’ll be able to pick up are in the Midwest.

These Southern nationalists are calling for a white nation:

“…And that means that the South will once again be in name and in actuality White Man’s Land…” Michael Hill of League of the South proclaimed.

This means that African-Americans who live there are fucked, as U.S. Census records from 2010 showed that 55% of the African-American population lived in the South and that over 100 Southern counties had a black population of over 50%, yet Hill claimed in the AP article that there is no intent on recreating the past.

Then why all the billboards that promote secession?

If these fools are stupid enough to secede from the United States, let them go. It will be easier for the Democrats to win elections and the departure of Southern states will probably increase America’s IQ at least 30 points.

The best part of all is that these states’ rights idiots won’t be able to kiss Washington, D.C.’s ass when a hurricane blows through or after a levee breaks!

Why Is Anyone Surprised-and the NERVE of that Guy!

That little bastard who took a Dodge Charger and ran through people in Virginia today is the typical racist who was influenced by Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric-and yet, Trump condemned the act after all the crap he encouraged last year!

Remember when he encouraged his supporters to take the jackets of Hillary supporters and throw them out into subzero weather?

Or, how about the time he made fun of the reporter who has Parkinson’s Disease?

Donald Trump knows damn well that he created this mess, and the son of a bitch is not going to get away with it.

It’s safe to say that the United States of America is at war with itself again.

On one side, we have people who want to live out their civil rights as the Declaration of Independence and  the Bill of Rights granted us.  On the other side, we have theocratic fascists who want the America where blacks sat at the back of the bus, children with developmental disabilities had no chance, and rape victims were called whores.

It’s bad enough that conservatives blame Black Lives Matter-which is nothing but crap.  It was a white boy in a Dodge who did all the damage.  However, it’s even worse when we have a frozen left, the members of which are too afraid to fight.

This is the tragic result of the non-violent philosophy of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., as peace always leads to failure.  However, the baby boomer generation refuses to admit that they were cowards back in the old days-well, the middle-class whites, anyway.  The blacks and the members of the American Indian Movement know better.  Based on the conversations I’ve had with many black Americans, Malcolm X and Huey Newton told it like it was and proclaimed what needed to be done-which I am still willing to do, even in my compromised state of physique.  Why?  Because I want someone to fight just as hard for my freedom as I would for theirs.

If the New Black Panther Party would allow me the honor, I would gladly fight by their side.  It’s the same with AIM.   I don’t know MEChA’s plans, but I’m also willing to offer my services to them; and that’s whatever any of them might have me do!

This is what you do when freedom is on the line.  You offer whatever is left of yourself to those who need you the most.

You wouldn’t be surprised how many whites were so certain that this whole thing was started by the blacks-and they still blame President Obama.  For what, existing? All the man ever did was rebuild this nation with his own hands in spite of grueling opposition.

I’m sure that the job has taken a few years off of his life, as he had 400 death threats against him from November of 2008 to January 20, 2009.

This must end and it will end.  The only question to be answered is by what means.  Will there be a war (which I would not be surprised we just witnessed the beginning of the same) or will the United Nations be forced to intervene (which I see as a more remote possibility)?

Don’t blame Black Lives Matter for anything that happened in Virginia today.  Confederate monuments need to come down.  It’s hate, not heritage.  Anyone who states otherwise might as well go ahead and raise their right hand.

American Liberals As Opposed to Other Liberals Throughout History

American liberals crack me up-seriously!

I read their whining all fucking day on Facebook, yet they accuse me of being a conservative when I offer the obvious solution to the problem.  I mean, what the hell else have people done throughout the course of history when they were faced with a despot running their country into the ground?

Let’s ask Louis XVI.

Let’s ask Robespierre!

Let’s ask Nicolas II.

Oh, I’m sorry-they’re all fucking dead!  

And what took these bozos in the first place?  Their blatant disregard for the poorest amongst their people-with the exception of Robespierre.  He thought he was a god.

The more this columnist tries to explain to American liberals that liberalism does not mean that you bend over to take the corporate cock in your ass; that you fight to the death, the more they truly believe that I can’t possibly be a liberal.  I mean, check out my Facebook profiles if you want to.

Don’t try to remind baby boomer liberals that Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed off on the Manhattan Project, and don’t be surprised at their reaction when you remind them that Harry Truman nuked Japan twice in three days in order to save at least a million American lives in a potential land invasion.  You do that, and these Led Zeppelin fans suddenly become sort of irate.

You know, it’s funny.  While American baby boomer liberals were crying about the stolen election (which it was), I went to work on an idea to wreak havoc; the goal of which was to put everything on pause prior to January 20, 2017.  Did I know what I was doing?  Of course not, I’m not a general!  However, I figured that a bad idea was better than no idea at all.

I beat around the bush on Facebook, dropping certain hints here and there, but these babies were just so mired in their own self-pity that their minds were closed to any solutions.

Guess what?

These Hippie morons are making the same stupid suggestions-mainly let’s go vote.

I’m all for voting.  In fact, not only do I vote in every election, but I work every Democratic campaign-and have since 1992.  However, there comes a time at which one has to admit that something doesn’t work anymore.

One can’t reason with conservatives because conservatives refuse to accept any new information.  The more information you present to them, the stiffer their resolve. However, it’s almost getting that way with liberals in the United States, as well.

Show conservative parents the failures of corporal punishment and they’ll hit their kid again-and the funny part will come when they wonder why their child points a .357 Magnum at them ten years later.  Show a liberal the failures of peace, and they kick you out of their little club-which isn’t very intelligent of them to do, as Democrats can’t afford to lose people, much less ostracize them because they’re too cowardly to stand up for their rights in the face of Alt-Right aggression.

The main problem is that America has become a society of jackballs and idiots.  Conservatives are theocratic fascist bullies and American liberals turn the other cheek-which only invites more abuse from conservatives.  

The Alt-Right wants to kill anyone who is Hispanic, black, Asian, disabled, Jewish, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and so on.  Meanwhile, the American left would rather choose martyrdom than fighting-because: ‘then we’ll be no better than they are’.

It’s gotten this bad, kiddies, and it’s this failed Hippie generation which is to blame.  I mean, even Jack Kennedy was willing to take Cuba off the map.

This will end when Democrats have decided that they are tired of losing to a political party which is filled with nothing other than bullies, racists, domestic terrorists, and sexual predators.

Holy shit!  I just described your average American cop, as well as your average Republican!

Trump Fiddles While the World Burns

MSNBC reported Thursday that Donald Trump has wasted fifty days at his golf properties


This is compounded by his record 65 vacation days (as per time in office).

I have to laugh at some of these pathetic old people on social media who “scream” at me that I should demonstrate respect toward Donald Trump.

Why? It’s not like the fucker is President of the United States of America, or anything.

Case in point, “Ok, “your dictator great”. Names & titles are BS. He is the leader of our country!” Time stamp: 9:13 a.m.

No, Donald Trump is NOT the leader of the United States.

For starters, Trump lost the popular vote by over three million votes. Secondly, he is hated in this country. Lastly, a leader of the United States fucking LEADS. He DOESN’T go on vacations. President Obama rarely went on vacation-and that’s why he looks the way he does now. Those eight years took a serious toll on his health and grayed his hair. Remember how dark his hair was when he was on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2008?

Those eight years wrinkled his face like a prune.

Conversely, read this story from THE GUARDIAN:

Barack Obama rarely took a break, and when he dared to, it was for a brief period of time.

I guess we can stop with the bullshit now. Those who bow to Trump like they would raise their right arm to Hitler might as well admit that they are either racist bastards or liars.

Trump fiddles while the world moves closer toward a nuclear exchange, and anyone who calls this piece of shit the President of the United States needs serious help. Furthermore, anyone who PLEDGES ALLEGIANCE to this piece of shit is a TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as Trump acquired the office via FRAUD.

Why do you think he’s so intent on investigating an invisible crime that never took place last November?

Trump’s Bigotry Demonstrates He Is Unfit for Command

The United States of America is supposed to be a spiritually-neutral nation.  That being stated, can anyone explain why Donald Trump has not comforted Muslims in Minnesota, where a mosque was bombed?

If Congress is to respect an establishment of religion and the free exercise thereof, as per the First Amendment, and if Donald Trump is going to call himself President of the United States (which he isn’t), then it is his duty to fly over there and comfort his fellow citizens-even though they practice a different faith than he supposedly does.

Guess what?  That’s what Jesus did when He was here.  Remember the woman at the well in John 4:1-25?

Christ knew that this woman was not Jewish.  He knew that she likely worshiped many gods rather than only one.  He confirmed her life’s story-and yet, He comforted her.  Now, if Donald Trump wants to act like a president. should he not get his fucking ass out of New Jersey and comfort these people in Minnesota?

That’s in the job description.

Hey, this joker lost by three million votes, yet he claims that he’s the President of the United States of America.  Therefore, since he claims that he is the President of the United States of America, he must act like a president.

Even George W. Bush-whom I detested-said that the terrorists are traitors to their own faith.

He also called Muslims friends and said that Islam is peace.

Conversely, Trump said that Islam hates us.

I detested Bush almost as much as I detest Trump.  George W. Bush was a liar, a war profiteer, and a war criminal, so much as I am concerned.  However, one cannot deny that the bigotry is there in Donald Trump.

As for myself, I don’t really give a fuck what you are.  Be what you want, but do no harm to others.  That is where I draw the line.  Once one calls for harm against a minority, I will call for a full and brutal retaliation.

That’s what you do in a war, and the fact that most American “liberals” are too obsessed with conscience while Donald Trump takes their freedom away is simply enough to make you want to take one of them and put their head through a brick wall.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is not President of the United States of America; not just because Hillary Clinton won by three million votes, but also due to the fact that Donald Trump does not stand for all Americans.

He hates you if you’re black.
He hates you if you’re disabled.
He hates you if you’re a woman.
He hates you if you’re Muslim.

Donald Trump is simply unfit for command and must be arrested immediately for his dereliction of duty to every American in this country-regardless of their faith.

Your Inaction Will Lead To Dire Consequences

So, Mr. Syphilis goes on television Tuesday and threatens war against North Korea. Conversely, North Korea threatens to bomb Guam.

We have two crazy narcissists with a mental age of under six in the ring.  Now I ask you….what can possibly go wrong here?

To be fair, Kim Jong Il II got his job when his old man checked out, but we have no excuse for our situation because we have inbreeds who voted for Donald Trump and a bunch of 1960s pussies who let it happen because they ‘didn’t want to sink to Trump’s level’ to get Hillary Clinton in the White House-which is where a woman who wins a presidential election by three million votes is supposed to be.

That’s not too fucking bright, on our part, kids; not too fucking bright.

Yes, Trump has serious mental issues which need to be addressed.  That’s stating the obvious.  However, what’s worse is that the liberals in cyberspace are frozen.  They are truly afraid to go into the street and fight this piece of crap.

Well, let me remind these Sixties cowards that their inaction will permit Trump to start World War III if they don’t knock it off with the “living with their conscience” bullcrap and start kicking ass.

Let me explain this to you on the other side of the world.

American baby boomers are basically afraid to admit that their lifelong philosophy of nonviolent protest has produced no, I repeat no results.  They still believe that ‘if we can just talk to them’ everything will be averted.

I’ve given them study after study, which demonstrates the exact opposite.   For example, there is this one study by GREGG and SEDIKIDES from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom which demonstrates when dealing with a narcissist like Donald Trump, who believes in his own specialness and his own magical abilities, and tend to exhibit violence either implied or actual (Bushman & Baumeister, 1998), and they are unapologetically shameless in the way that they promote themselves (Morf & Rhodewalt, 2001).  While we all have to promote ourselves to some extent, especially if we are in business for ourselves, these guys never quit.  They’ve already made it, and they’re still promoting themselves.

The time to promote yourself as the loudest band in the world is when you’re playing at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, California, not 25 years into the game after 20 albums; fifteen of which have been certified as multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Trump promoted himself by stating that he will be the greatest jobs president in American history.

Keep in mind that President Barack Obama created over 14 million jobs in eight years and President Clinton created over 22 million jobs in the same amount of time.


Here is Trump’s quote on debt:

“I’m the king of debt. I understand debt better than probably anybody. I know how to deal with debt, so well. I love debt.” (source:

Well, he’s been bankrupt four times, so one would suppose that’s true.

However, back to these baby boomer crybabies who don’t know what to do.

Did you know that disgraced televangelist, Jim Bakker, threatened civil war if we do the right thing?

And then, there’s this, from an ex-soldier who has turned on, what used to be, his country:  

But, what do liberals do?  How do most of them answer?  Like scared children, which is why the Alt-Right does that which it does.  Even Pat Buchanan reiterated his call for civil war if we do the right thing.

I will reiterate that if my fellow liberals continue to sit on their asses and let this bastard destroy the United States, they will be just as responsible for the downfall, because voting doesn’t work anymore.  The reason why voting doesn’t work anymore is because the machines flip the votes and paper ballots somehow never make it to the registrar’s office.

There will be one final conflict between the Constitution and conservatism and fascism; one more fight between civil rights and discrimination; one more fight between good and evil.

We may not want this fight, but the right is determined to see it through.  It seems to me that the baby boomers  should put down their incense and peppermints and prepare for the storm that’s to come, just in case these right-wing bastards aren’t bluffing.

You’ve already seen what Trumpsters do to those who disagree with them.  We can’t take that chance.

Charlie Brown Needed Paxil

This is one of these odd moments I have when I just think up the weirdest shit.

I mean, this site doesn’t always have to be so fucking serious, right?  So, let’s play with something right here, right now.

Did you ever stop and think how much pussy Charlie Brown could have gotten had he not suffered from Social Anxiety Disorder?

He was a decent pitcher, but things just never went his way.  Personally, I think he should have had a few more pitches in his arsenal, as his fastball was just too predictable.  I mean, I’m sure that even could have hit his fastball.

Why didn’t he throw an eephus every now and then?

Remember that pitch?

For those of you who have never heard of that pitch, it was thrown a lot in the 1970s.  It’s a slow-speed pitch that climbed up and went down.  A recent example of this pitch can be shown here.  Watch Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers throw this.


Why didn’t

Schroeder  ever call for that one?  Why did he just call for heaters?

There were girls who loved Charlie Brown, but he was too shy to realize it.

Marcy and Peppermint Patty fought over him.  Lucy was a bitch, but probably loved him in her own warped way.  Even the Little Red-Haired girl admired his tenacity.  Watch The Peanuts Movie (2015) and you’ll see that she admired him so much she gave him her address as to where she was staying at summer camp.

Charlie Brown was never a loser.  He was the insecure part of us that just needed a little boost.

Give the damn boy some Paxil, will ya?

Why Are Baby-Boomer Liberals Cowards?

Washington Journal reported Sunday that a former Navy SEAL called for civil war if Trump is removed from office.

Quoting from the article, written by Peter Mellado:

“Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors,” the Navy SEAL wrote. “There will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no mercy, no sense of humor. Harsh examples will be made. My prediction is it will be a gruesome massacre.”

Mellado didn’t say these words.  Rather, it was this military lowlife who did.

Excuse me, but someone needs to explain to this fascist son of a bitch, that it was Hillary Clinton who won by three million votes.

The Democrats haven’t come for the guns.  And frankly, I’m sick of these right-wing pussies running off with their mouths and threatening everyone.  What’s more, I’m just as sick of 1960s liberals who refuse to fight.  Their lives as well as our own lives are in danger, and all these candyasses can say is that we’re no better than they are if we fight back.

This guy is a psycho and a traitor, but you 1960s “liberals” are a bunch of motherfucking pussies!  That’s why those who are Alt-Right believe that they can physically threaten us at will-because you are nothing but a bunch of God damned cowards!

These conservatives talk of freedom, but not for real people-only for their own warped-minded and uneducated kind.

Freedom of religion?

What church are we talking about?  Actually, which religion?  We know they hate just about everyone.

What about the right to be secure in our papers?

What about the right against self-incrimination?

Conservatives don’t believe in freedom for everyone.  They only want an American version of apartheid.

No unconstitutional coup is being conducted because Trump colluded with Russia, and anyone who threatens to engage in civil war in defense of a traitor like Donald Trump, quite frankly, needs to go thirteen steps up and drop seven.

Liberals need to stop being so tolerant of bigots.  Liberals are going to have to accept the fact that these inbred lowlifes cannot be educated.  A conservative’s racial hatred is so ingrained in them that they refuse to look at the facts.  Stupid people don’t have opinions.  Why?  Because they’re stupid.  They refuse to look at the facts and reconsider their previous position.  Remember that Pew survey I wrote about in which conservatives now detest college?

Watch what happens when you tell these Alt-Right bastards that Eve looked like Beyonce Knowles or that Jesus was Jewish, conceived prior to marriage…which would make Him an illegitimate child under Old Testament law.

You don’t have to believe me.  Here are Christ’s own words on the subject:

The Fulfillment of the Law
17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly,until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.19 So then, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do likewise will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Remember that Christ said that not the least stroke of a pen from the law would go away until everything had been accomplished, so that technically makes Jesus Christ a bastard.

I may be a member of the Americans Civil Liberties Union and a member of the Democratic Party, but I refuse to tolerate an Archie Bunker.  I’m more apt to deck the inbred bastard than to put up with his bullshit for five minutes.

I simply don’t have the patience for it anymore.

Harry Truman dropped two atomic bombs and Jack Kennedy was going to take Cuba off the map if Khruschev didn’t get those missiles out in 12 hours, so why do these baby boomer  liberals allow Alt-Right terrorists to scare them?

I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t prove Reverend King’s failure, what does?  Peace doesn’t work.  Love never works against hate.  If it did, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, James Byrd, Jr., and others would still be alive.

If the Alt-Right wants a war, we had better prepare ourselves-and now.

I Don’t Fuck Around

I began playing music in 1981 because my mother wanted me to learn how to play piano.

Even though I hated every minute of every lesson, I now realize that I should have practiced for at least a couple of more years, because I would have been a much better guitar player.  The sad thing is that I played Beethoven’s 9th Symphony on piano without a single mistake at the age of eleven.

I started to play guitar in 1984 and have continued to play ever since, despite my brain damage. Furthermore, I owe my knowledge to my best friend who helped me defeat my physical weaknesses in forming chords as we composed our first tunes when we formed our band in Los Angeles, California, 1985.

Remember as you listen to this recording that I actually have severe brain damage which goes into the brain stem.

I don’t fuck around.

This piece was originally written in 2001 and rerecorded in 2016.

I don’t think I ever gave it a name.

How to Reach Me

I get a lot of mail which asks me how people can get in touch with me.  Well, it’s really quite easy.

Jim Rousch

9804 Sanderling Way

Highlands Ranch, CO

To e-mail me about your unjust situation, write to:
I’m also mobile at any hour of the day.

(626) 487-8505

I answer all that I can and the best way for me to help you, or to have others who are closer by you assist you in acquiring social justice is to leave your name and contact information, as this site isn’t just about my apologies for the ravings of a syphilitic madman (who shall remain nameless, but you all know to whom I refer).

I mean, I didn’t vote for the wigged fucker.  I voted for the winner who was robbed and should be guiding my nation right now.  However, back to the matter at hand.  I remember feeling like no one gave a shit about me and how society was completely fucking me up.  That’s why I do this now.

Someone is looking for you and wants to help you in any way possible, and if that someone (myself) can’t help you directly, then the least that can be done is to spread the message so that someone nearby can do what I might not be able to do from Colorado.

Whatever answers I don’t have can usually be found in the back of a book (American school joke).  The tough part for me is to answer in a culturally acceptable manner-which is why I want to know where you’re from; so that I can learn about the customs in the region where you live and answer accordingly.  With regard to violating the American social structure, I don’t really give a flying fuck about that, because I’ve been the outcast since I was five-years-old.

Fuck it.

Do I know exactly what I’m doing? Well, was Ronald Reagan awake at the Cabinet meetings?

There’s your answer, sporto.

You see, unlike most Americans, I’m honest about my particular ignorance, and it’s my intention to learn your culture so that I can figure out how to bend the rules.  I always look for the loopholes so that I can do what I need to do without breaking the law.

It helps when you completed your psychology classes with mostly A’s and B’s.

Don’t be afraid to tell me your story and don’t be afraid to give your name.  I won’t condemn you.  I’m trying to help you.  Someone else might find you and help you in ways that I cannot.

It’s not that I’m necessarily a good person, per se.  It’s more that I know what it’s like to be left behind and I don’t want that to happen to someone else, because I know the personal destruction that follows.  Frankly, I think we’ve seen enough of that.


مرحبا، الإمارات العربية المتحدة Hello, United Arab Emirates!

تخيل دهشتي عندما لاحظت أن شخصا ما في الإمارات العربية المتحدة كان ينظر إلى عملي.

لا بد لي من الاعتراف بأنني أشعر بالتواضع لأنني أدركت أن المزيد من الناس قد وجدوني، ويجب أن أقول لكم أنني أقف للأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة، ونبذ لأسباب خارجة عن إرادتهم.


للسجل، وتحذير، أنا لا أحب الأديان.


وتولد الأديان الجهل وتبدأ الحروب. فهي تسبب التحيز والبؤس. الشيء المضحك هو أننا نعبد نفس الله و نفس الأب، إبراهيم. أمهات: سارة وهاجر.


في الكتابة الخاصة بك بالنسبة لي، من فضلك قل لي ما يجري وما تحتاج إلى مساعدة مع. لا ينبغي أن يواجه أحد التمييز بسبب من هم: مثلي الجنس، على التوالي، ومزدوجي الميل الجنسي، ومغايري الهوية الجنسية، وسوء المعاملة، والاغتصاب.

أنا لا أعطي اللعنة ما حدث. يمكنك أن تقول لي قصتك حتى أن شخصا ما قد تكون قادرة على مساعدتك.




Imagine my surprise when I noticed that someone in United Arab Emirates looked at my work.

I must admit that I’m rather humbled to have realized that more people have found me and I must tell you that I stand for people who are disabled, ostracized for reasons beyond their control.


For the record, and to be warned, I don’t like religions.


Religions breed ignorance and start wars. They cause prejudice and misery. The funny thing is that we worship the same God and have the same father, Abraham; two mothers: Sarah and Hagar.


In your writing to me, please tell me what is going on and what you need help with. No one should face discrimination because of who they are: gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, abused, raped.

I don’t give a fuck what has happened. You can tell me your story so that someone might be able to help you out.

Jim Rousch

Deplorables Are Destabilising the World By Unapologetically Supporting Donald Trump

I would like to apologise to the world for the situation that the more religious, less educated of our population have put everyone into.

Idiots are the reason why the United States is abandoning the Paris agreement.
Idiots are the reason why the United States is wasting money it doesn’t have on war preparation against North Korea.
Idiots are the reason why American leadership has collapsed.

You might want to know exactly who these idiots are, so you are about to find out.

These Trump supporters are generally Christian fundamentalists and white. They see a country in the midst of social changes that they hate; such as inclusion for people who have developmental disabilities and the legalisation of gay marriage.
They vote against their own economic interests because they are bigots and because they want to keep “their kind” out of the neighbourhood.

That phrase can refer to any specific minority, regardless of race, creed, or physical or mental disabilities.

Trumpzis tend to be less educated than liberals. These are the lowlifes who call truth “fake news” (a term popularised by Trump). What’s more, Pew Research found that Trump voters have a very low regard for college degrees. We saw this during the Renaissance in Europe, when the Church murdered scientists and as well as the free thinkers.

The same groups of terrorists who delayed growth in Europe half a millennium ago are trying to destabilise and destroy America today. How interesting it is that they bear false witness against others in their attempt to bring America back to God and how ironic that they use Christ as a weapon to humiliate the oppressed when He should be used as an instrument of compassion to the rape victim, rather than a gavel were she to get an abortion.

The lack of access to education leads to dictators like Donald Trump, and it is the uneducated who destroy the world around them whenever they fall for yet another cult of personality like Wigboy.

Donald Trump Is A Traitor and 2020 Will Be Too Late

Let’s face it.  You know it, I know it.

Donald Trump is a traitor.

He made references to the Russians all through the 2016 presidential campaign as said it would be great if we got along with them and even planting seeds of doubt in the pint-sized brains of his inbred supporters with regard to Hillary Clinton.

What’s he done since he overthrew the American government?

Well, for one thing, he has badly wrecked our relationship with the Israelis-and Trump vowed to Jewish voters that he would support Israel.  How did Trump do this?  He leaked highly classified information to the Russians which the Israelis had given him, according to American Progress.  The Daily Beast wonders why Trump feels the need to bend over for Moscow.

Maybe it’s all of those business dealings he’s had through the course of time-like the sale of his Palm Beach mansion in 2008 to Russian fertilizer magnate, Dimitry Rybolovlev for more than twice what Trump paid for the property just four years prior.

Trump’s Red Business Ties

How interesting that that happened during the real estate crash, huh?

And while Trump only talks of reinstating the useless sanctions against Cuba, it turns out that he also wants to open a casino there.

Guess what?  Bloomberg reported on December 2, 2016 that Trump had looked into buying hotels there six months prior to the article’s publication, so it seems as if all of the old people who still vote Republican because they’re one propaganda war behind really fell for this traitor who wants to end Medicare and Medicaid.

Trump and Hotels in Cuba

Trump and Cuba

For the record, it makes no difference what we do in Cuba.  The embargo failed and President Obama did the right thing by talking to Raul Castro.  However, if one is going to reinstate a failed policy, one shouldn’t be conducting business there himself.

Or, does that make sense?

President Obama and Raul Castro

There’s also nothing wrong with the idea of getting along with Moscow, as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev had a good rapport.  However, Reagan (at least to my knowledge) didn’t stand to make money from an improved relationship with the Soviets. He just traded arms for hostages and diverted the money from the sales thereof to the Nicaraguan Contras-which should have put him atop a gallows for treason.

The longer Trump stays in the Oval Office, the less likely the United States of America is going to remain a nation.  So, outside of impeachment….any ideas?

2020 will be too late.

Guns N’ Fucking Roses-Denver, August 2, 2017: Show of a Lifetime


I had a dilemma yesterday morning, as I wasn’t sure what show I was going to see.

I’ve waited for thirty years to see both Guns N’ Roses and Slayer.  Guns N’ Roses was playing at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and Slayer was playing at First Bank Center across town.

After much pacing and after further consideration, I figured that it would be more prudent for me to see G N’ R.

I just heard that same voice in my head; the kind pertaining to relatives who were on the outs: “You know, Jimmy, Aunt Mabel doesn’t have all that much longer on this Earth.  The Good Lord might call her Home this year.”

Of course, it always worked-but only up until my mid-teens.  That’s beside the point.  The point is that I have a pretty good hunch Slayer’s coming back in town at some time in the future; whether or not they will return to Denver for this particular tour, I can’t say. Bassist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry  King would know that more than I would. However, given GN’R’s turbulent history over the last 32 years, it just seemed to me that I should go cross another band off of the bucket list.

The metal bands I saw in the 1980s were as follows:

Kiss…………………………………………1987 (Crazy, Crazy Nights video shoot)
Kingdom Come……………………….1988
Van Halen……………………………….1988

The 1990s were loaded with more bands, as were the 2000s and this particular decade, from Kiss to Volbeat, to Motley Crue, to Black Sabbath, to Def Leppard, to Anthrax; from Opeth, to Megadeth.

Guns N’ Roses was a special show for me because I never had the opportunity to see them play at the Whiskey in Los Angeles, nor the Country Club in Reseda, California.  Sure it was only Duff McKagen, W. Axl Rose, and Slash, but I didn’t care.

Tune after tune, it was like they never lost it.  Axl can still hit the high notes without his vocals cracking.  Slash bent his notes perfectly and Duff was all over the place.  I remember the No Fucks Given shirt he wore, which would have been a huge problem thirty years ago.

We got sent home from school for wearing shirts like that, but now you find sanitized versions of the same kinds of shirts in Walmart-which makes me want to walk out of an airplane without a parachute in mid-flight, to be quite honest.   It’s not that the objection has become old it’s that it’s become hip.  Just remember that Simpson’s episode when everyone in Springfield began to act like Bart.  The nature of his antisocial behavior lost all meaning.

Coma was a tune that I just couldn’t stop singing out loud, nor was My Michelle.  Patience made me think of a very horrible relationship that I was in nearly thirty years ago, but I know that she paid for all she did to me, so it’s easier to let go of now.  Night Train is a period of life most of us experience at one time or another (early thirties for me), and Axl killed it on all the piano parts, which made me wish I had taken lessons for two more years.

I remember reading about Guns N’ Roses in Hit Parader right when Appetite for Destruction was released in 1987.  My favorite track from that album was Mr. Brownstone, but KNAC didn’t play that nearly as often as they played Welcome to the Jungle-the tune that Pirate Radio played to death, as Pirate was a wanna-be KNAC.  They censored most of the heavy metal tunes that they “dared” to play, so I would listen to KNAC whenever I drove to the Valley (San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles).  At least KNAC played Slayer, Anthrax, Leatherwolf, and Metallica after 11 p.m., whereas Pirate wouldn’t play those bands at all.

I look back at all the shows I’ve gone to over the period of time-mostly a year or so apart in most cases, with the exception of a few occasions.

I saw Slipknot when bassist Paul Grey was still alive.
I met Lemmy Kilmister across the street from the Rainbow Bar and Grille in Hollywood.
I saw Metallica the first time they were cool.

Are there anymore bands I would like to see, other than Slayer?  The list is getting shorter and it maybe just about time for me to start a new period of life; a more important period, domestically speaking.   I mean, thirty years of heavy metal concerts is represent a lot of bands and almost as many venues, some of which no longer exist (FM Station, I miss ye!).

Don’t worry…I’ve always worn ear plugs.

In closing, I want to thank Guns N’ Roses for making last night’s show one in a million, because I had waited decades to see them play.  I may not have had the best seats (Bob Uecker level), but hearing them on stage was all that mattered to me.

I would like to know how Axl keeps his voice in shape.  I mean, I sing metal, but I don’t sing every day like he does.  You sing for two hours per night like that for over thirty years, and you figure something’s going to slip.  After all, the body is a machine and I kind of see vocal chords as having the elasticity of a timing belt in a car or a sanding belt on a sander.  Things wear out in time.

In Axl’s case, I hope he can keep that voice going for a few more years, because I want to see G N’ F’ R at least one more time!

A Question For My Irish Audience With Regard To Learning Disabilities

I've noticed lately that a few people in Ireland seem to be interested in what I write about, so I would like to ask you this question.

What is Irish society's view toward students with learning disabilities?

Are these kids left behind in Ireland the way they are in America, and are they blamed for the situations in which they are forced into due to the stereotypes, which eventually lead to being shut out of the workplace and the middle class income which comes along with it?

Since studies demonstrate that children who have learning disabilities are more likely to be beaten in the classroom and suspended by administrators in the United States, is the same true in Ireland?

Do attitudes toward children with learning disabilities vary from region to region in Ireland?

That's the case in America, as children with learning disabilities are far more likely to be beaten by administrators and bullied by their peers in Republican states than they are in Democratic states. This is because Republicans believe in law and order at any price, while Democrats want to find out why certain behaviours occur before any retribution is dealt.

Guess what that means? It means that these kids are more likely to drop out of school and end up in the correctional system: prison-which is why I, personally, don't care one bit about any of the violent crime in America.

What do you do differently and how do you help students with special needs become productive adults? Americans don't have any clue about what to do with us, short of letting the police murder us in cold blood.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I did it, America!

This columnist is well aware of the disapproval of foul verbiage in the white collar (white MALE) business world.  However, since America does nothing but screw people who struggle with developmental disabilities and learning disabilities, take the G-forces sevenfold, as those whom you try to destroy will ultimately decide your destiny.

The outcast can either become the saviour or the madman, and it really all depends upon whether or not someone pulls him out of the mudhole society threw him into, because society has destroyed that person's self-esteem to the point at which they have given up.

That's when those on the right make fun of them, call them lazy, and write them off as worthless.

Personal responsibility requires one to acquire an education and a form of employment which will support a middle class lifestyle, but mutual responsibility requires that we help those struggling with the completion of that task.

If Jesus and His disciples taught for free, society should also teach for free.   Those instructors live well, despite the fact that college is free In said nation's, so what we are really talking about is maintaining the pecking order, from which I was able to rise due to my compositions, musicianship, and singing ability by the time I was fifteen.

Did I get a record deal?  No, or I wouldn't be here.  I'd actually probably be dead-with various body parts strewn along the South San Diego Freeway somewhere between the Nordhoff and Roscoe exits; my mangled 1988 Chevy Corvette shattered and in flames.

What the hell?  That beats cancer.

Suck my dick and don't fuck with anyone who has a learning disability. I just might have to kick your ass.   I mean, I have already burned the American flag (which the 1989 Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson confirms that I have a right to do), so it's not like anyone on the right can do anything about it.

Just treat everyone equally and there won't be a reason to burn American flags anymore.

That's an easy solution!

We’re In Trouble-And I Know Whose Ass To Kick!

The American Fuhrur has named a general to replace Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, which can only mean one thing: we’re in trouble, as we are now officially in a dictatorship.

Thanks to all of the Jill Stein idiots and the Berniebots. Thanks a whole bunch, as you made the vote just close enough for the Republicans to steal the election, yet you feel no responsibility for putting this nation in the debacle it’s currently in-and after President Barack Obama spent eight years cleaning a Republican mess brought about by your votes for Ralph Nader.

Now you hope that Bernie Sanders will be healthy enough to run for president in three years?

Are you fucking serious?!

Do you realise that that will only fill the courts with right-wing judges who will return all the power to the landowners, the banks, the corporations, and the police?

The United States of America has now become a police state because of your pipe dreams!

You figured that your vote wouldn’t matter; that there were enough people who would vote Democratic, so that you could vote your conscience, but you didn’t count on voter suppression, missing ballots, and “malfunctioning” machines, so now American democracy is dead because of you. Worse yet, you cowards still believe that we can solve this with a love train.

What General Kelly is going to do is anyone’s guess, because he’s certainly no Dwight D. Eisenhower-who actually governed to the left. The sickest thing of all is that you have no remorse for how you voted, and I know you will do it again. You see, I remember when the Republicans stole 2004, as well.

Your votes for Nader made everything just close enough to flip.

Go flip a Chevy Corvair. It’s the best way an independent can serve this country.

They Just Won’t Go Away

While some supporters of Bernie Sanders came to their senses last fall, we still have (mostly) Hippies who continue to count on him, not only to capture the Democratic nomination in three years time, but they also insist that he will beat Donald Trump.

The funny thing is that you look at these people and you can tell they never left the Cheech and Chong Film Festival that was held on 4/20.

Hell! Even Cheech and Chong left that joint when it ended!

How do I know that they are Woodstock surplus, you ask? Just look at most of them. The old men still have the straggly, barely-kept beards and most of the women look like Janis Joplin.

What do they want?

They want a perfect democracy in which no corporation can influence a candidate. The problem with that line of thinking is that the unions will be screwed, because the Republicans and their corporate masters will hide the money in secret offshore accounts, then it will be the Democrats who lose-as will we!

Most of those who still support Sanders never think that far out-well, at least, not in the usual political sense.

I learned very early that democracy sucks, no matter who you support, and Mick Jagger sang the reason as to why that is-you know the song, so sing it with me: “You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find…you get what you need.”

That’s why I stay in the game. That’s also why I don’t waste my time with Independents. I’d rather vote Democratic and get a little than vote for this election cycle’s political messiah and lose it all.

The only comforting thought that I have is that, knowing how much LSD these people dropped back in the day, it’s safe to forecast that we won’t have to put up with their kind in three years.

Why do I make that statement?

My mother graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology in 1968. Now, she, being a geek, never did drugs of any kind. What wrecked my mother’s brain was having a psychologist for a daughter, a race car driver for a younger son, and a heavy metal guitarist-turned left-wing political activist for an older son.

Why would the woman need drugs?

Many Sanders supporters just never became adults, and you can always tell. They have the delusions that they did when they wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.
That’s not to say that I don’t want those same things. I just know that it’s not going to happen via democracy, because Joe Average is a selfish idiot who would rather believe the worst assumptions about those he doesn’t understand instead of getting to know them.

McCain, the Hero

What happened in the Senate chamber could have come straight from a Hollywood movie from the 1940s.

A physically-compromised senator, the Republican from Arizona, John McCain, battling brain cancer, walked slowly into the chamber on Friday night, his colleagues look on in shock.

The man has been through worse as a prisoner in Vietnam, but he was a much younger and stronger man in those days. However, his days are drawing and Senator McCain knows that, whatever he may not like about the Affordable Care Act, to scrap it and replace it with the tragedies of the past which led to its creation in the first place would be no solution.

Senator McCain also knows that there is something serious amiss with Donald Trump, as Trump represents everything that Senator McCain fought against when he was in the military. After some words with Mike Pence, Senator McCain makes his way to the Democratic side of the chamber, where he is hugged by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Amy Kohlbacher of Minnesota.

McConnell looked smug, confident that he had the number of votes. But then, something happened.

McCain's thumb is down! McConnell's arms are crossed in disgust.

Mike Pence wasn't needed, as the final tally was 49-51.

Senator McCain leans over, scribbles onto the paper, and walks past McConnell.

He ultimately joins Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine as the only Republicans to vote against the repeal.

McConnell realises at that moment that he has lost, but calls it a loss for the American people. That's strange, but the Affordable Care Act is actually popular.

According to Senator McCain's response on Twitter: "Skinny repeal fell short because it felt short of our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with meaningful reform."

Senator McCain may not be a fan of the Affordable Care Act, but he also realises that a return to the past is not an option. As for Trump, he tweeted that three Republicans and 48 Democrats "let the American people down."

Trump offered no plan of his own, but only sought to berate the three Republicans who did the right thing-one of which has suffered more than Donald Trump ever has.

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are now forever welded together in American history. The two men began as opponents in 2008, but Senator John McCain defended then-Senator Obama more than once against racists when he called Senator Obama a good man. Now, nearly a decade later, the ailing Senator McCain preserves his former rival's legacy by marching to the front and being the maverick.

Charlie Gard, A Person. Not A Poster Child for the Pro-Life Bunch

Leave it to the American right-wing to make an issue out of a poor child for whom they would have no regard had he survived.

Here is what Nevada Republican, Crescent Hardy, said about children with disabilities:

“”I had three children: One was summa cum laude and two were magnum cum laude, and the other didn’t need an education, he works for Raytheon and is smarter than all the rest because he works hard. He builds things that are genius, and some people have that ability and I’m grateful [inaudible] I don’t know where that came from. But they all work hard. They’re raising their own families. They’re doing their own thing. They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that.”

So, these religious organizations can get lost with their fake sympathy, because they have no regard for children with disabilities.

No, I haven’t stated that at all.  Pay attention.  What I’ve stated is that if a conservative is going to ‘fight for life,’ it might be a good idea to read 1 John 3:17-18, so as to put their words into action.

As for Charlie, I feel for him.  This planet is a horrible place to live, but at least he will never know the phony anguish some have displayed, as the right-to-life crowd simply used him to score political points.

Maybe they should be more concerned about helping kids with developmental disabilities live fulfilling lives.  As far as drains on society are concerned, go see an Iraq War vet who didn’t pay attention to the road during that quagmire.

Charlie didn’t choose to live with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, but that American child rapist who caused a lot of carnage in Haditha chose to fight a war against a nation which never attacked the United States.

Help kids like Charlie.  As for the idiot who wore khaki camouflage, he can take a flying leap for not paying attention to world affairs when he was in high school and for not paying attention to the road when he played war in the desert.



k've har for nylig bemærket, at nogle læsere i Danmark. For dem af jer, der talte til mig, jeg lod mig forestille sig. Mit navn er Jim Rousch. Jeg er oprindeligt fra forstæderne til Los Angeles, Californien, men i øjeblikket bor i en forstad til Denver. I en alder af tretten oprør jeg på en måde at redde mig fra tallene myndighed, der ikke forstår eller bekymrer sig om min læring. Jeg etablerede et heavy metal band sammen 1985-1987 Jeg var sangeren og rytme guitarist. Mine tekster og melodier, der minder tidlig Black Sabbath, komponeret til tekster fjendtlig protest mod Reagan-administrationen - ingen ville forvente fra en 15-årig. Jeg startede i 1992 for de demokratiske præsidentkandidat kampagner og meningsdannere stykker for signalet i Santa Clarita, publiceret Californien arbejde. Jeg arbejdede også med en person med autisme næsten ti år; Den lærer sociale færdigheder og beskytter dig mod intolerance. Jeg elsker hadet af amerikanske konservative, fordi de ikke kan se, hvor store de er aldrig forladt dig. Det er virkelig en fornøjelse at eksponere deres bigotteri, hykleri og dumhed. Konservative er nemme at ødelægge, og ved, at jeg ødelægger Når de udøver eller kognitiv dissonans i personlige angreb. Et vigtigt mål for denne hjemmeside er den, der er faldet til hjælp fra bøller, snæversynede, æsler. Du ved, konservativ! Da jeg ikke har alle de oplysninger, jeg har brug for at være opmærksom på situationer, og jeg håber, at nogen kan hjælpe nærheden. Jeg også kommentere begivenhederne i dag, så jeg invitere alle, der har et socialt onde, der skal beskyttes mig Frihed i forbindelse. Selv hvis du ikke kan have løsningen på dit problem, kan jeg skrive om det i håb om, at nogen er i dit område. Mit speciale er at hjælpe mennesker med udviklingsforstyrrelser, fordi jeg har svær hjerneskade forårsaget af meningitis, som jeg købte i 1971. Jeg er en kandidat i psykologi ved University of Phoenix og jeg vil tjene en Master of Education. Jeg er ikke den typiske amerikanske. Jeg ved ikke, jeg laver forskning, og jeg er stolt af mit arbejde. Hvis jeg tager fejl, vil jeg tage ansvar og bede om at være fint. Hvad der sker, er, at jeg har mine kilder og mine modstandere kalder på Jorden. Og selvfølgelig har vi sparket også som de er. Det er, hvad der skete. Fortæl mig, hvilken tilstand du kommer fra, så du kan undersøge deres kultur og til dette svar.

Welcome Finland, And I Hope I Got All of this Right!


k've on äskettäin huomannut, että jotkut lukijat Suomessa. Niille teistä, jotka puhui minulle, annoin itseni kuvitella. Nimeni on Jim Rousch. Olen kotoisin esikaupunkialueella Los Angeles, Kalifornia, mutta tällä hetkellä asuu lähiössä Denver. Iässä kolmentoista I kapinoi keino pelastaa minut auktoriteettihahmoja jotka eivät ymmärrä tai välitä minun oppimista. Perustin heavy metal bändi 1985-1987 olin laulaja ja komppikitaristi. Minun sanoitukset ja melodiat tuovat mieleen varhaisen Black Sabbathin, sävelletty tekstien vihamielisiä protestina Reaganin - kukaan odottaa 15-vuotiaan. Aloitin vuonna 1992 demokraattisen presidenttikampanjoissa ja lausunnon kappaletta signaalin Santa Clarita, Kalifornia julkaistu teos. Olen myös työskennellyt jonkun autismin lähes kymmenen vuotta; Se opettaa sosiaalisia taitoja ja suojelee sinua suvaitsemattomuutta. Rakastan vihasin American konservatiivit, koska he eivät näe, kuinka suuria ne ovat koskaan lähtenyt sinua. On todella ilo altistamaan kiihkoilua, tekopyhyyden ja tyhmyys. Konservatiivit ovat helppo tuhota, ja tiedän, että tuhoan kun ne harjoittavat tai kognitiivista ristiriitaa henkilökohtaisia ​​hyökkäyksiä. Päätavoite tällä sivustolla on joka on laskenut apua roistot, bigots, aaseja. Tiedäthän, konservatiivinen! Koska minulla ei ole kaikkia tietoja minun täytyy kiinnittää huomiota tilanteisiin, ja toivon, että joku voi auttaa lähellä. Olen myös kommentoida päivän tapahtumista, joten pyydän kuka tahansa sosiaalinen paha, jota täytyy suojella minua vapaus yhteydessä. Vaikka et voi olla ratkaisu ongelmaan, voin kirjoittaa siitä siinä toivossa, että joku on omalla alueella. Minun erikoisuus on auttaa ihmisiä Kehitysvammaisten, koska minulla on vakavia aivovaurio aiheuttamia aivokalvontulehdus, jota ostetaan 1971st Olen valmistunut psykologian yliopistossa Phoenix ja aion ansaita kasvatustieteiden maisteri. En ole tyypillinen amerikkalainen. En tiedä olen tekemässä tutkimusta ja olen ylpeä työstäni. Jos olen väärässä, otan vastuun ja pyydän olevan kunnossa. Mitä tapahtuu, että minulla on lähteitä ja vastustajani soittaa maapallolla. Ja tietysti myös potkut, koska ne ovat. Niin tapahtui. Kerro minulle, mitä valtion tulet, joten voit tutkia heidän kulttuuriaan ja tämän vastauksen.

Danke, Deutchland!


k’ve hat vor kurzem bemerkt, dass einige Leser in Deutschland. Für diejenigen von Ihnen, die mich angesprochen, lass ich mich vorstellen. Mein Name ist Jim Rousch. Ich bin ursprünglich aus den Vororten von Los Angeles, Kalifornien, aber derzeit in einem Vorort von Denver leben. Im Alter von dreizehn Jahren rebellierte ich in einer Weise, mich von den Autoritätspersonen zu retten, die nicht verstanden hatte, oder über mein Lernen betreut. Ich etablierte mit einer Heavy-Metal-Band zusammen 1985-1987 ich der Sänger und Rhythmusgitarrist war. Meine Texte und Melodien erinnern früh Black Sabbath, für Texte komponierten feindlichen Protest gegen die Reagan-Administration – niemand würden von einem 15-jährigen erwartet. Ich begann im Jahr 1992 für die demokratischen Präsidentschafts-Kampagnen und Meinungsstücke für das Signal in Santa Clarita, Kalifornien veröffentlicht zu arbeiten. Ich arbeitete auch mit jemandem mit Autismus fast zehn Jahren; Es lehrt soziale Fähigkeiten und schützt Sie vor Intoleranz. Ich liebe es von amerikanischen Konservativen gehasst, weil sie dich nie verlassen kann nicht sehen, wie groß sie sind. Es ist wirklich ein Vergnügen, ihre Bigotterie, Heuchelei und Dummheit zu belichten. Konservative sind leicht zu zerstören, und weiß, dass ich zu zerstören, wenn sie in persönlichen Angriffen oder kognitive Dissonanz eingreifen. Eines der Hauptziele dieser Seite ist die, die gefallen sind von Schlägern, Frömmler, Esel zu helfen. Sie wissen, konservativ! Da ich nicht alle Informationen bin, muss ich die Aufmerksamkeit auf Situationen zahlen, und ich hoffe, dass jemand in der Nähe helfen kann. Ich auch Angaben zu den Ereignissen des Tages, so lade ich jeden, der ein soziales Übel hat, die mich geschützt werden sollte Freiheit in Verbindung. Auch wenn Sie nicht die Lösung für Ihr Problem haben können, kann ich darüber schreiben, in der Hoffnung, dass jemand in Ihrer Nähe ist. Meine Spezialität hilft Menschen mit Entwicklungsstörungen, weil ich schwere Hirnschäden durch Meningitis verursacht habe, die ich im Jahr 1971 erworben. Ich bin ein Absolvent der Psychologie an der University of Phoenix und ich werde einen Master of Education erwerben. Ich bin nicht der typische Amerikaner. Ich weiß nicht, ich tue Forschung und ich bin stolz auf meine Arbeit. Wenn ich falsch bin, nehme ich die Verantwortung und stellen in Ordnung zu sein. Was passiert, ist, dass ich meine Quellen und meine Gegner rufen auf der Erde haben. Und natürlich wir traten sie, wie sie sind. Das ist, was passiert. Bitte sagen Sie mir, in welchem ​​Zustand Sie kommen, so können Sie ihre Kultur untersuchen und auf diese Antwort.

¡Hola Espana!


k’ve recientemente notado que tengo algunos lectores en Espana. Para aquellos de ustedes que me tropezó, por favor, dejen que me presente.

Mi nombre es Jim Rousch. Soy originario de los suburbios de Los Ángeles, California, pero actualmente vivo en los suburbios de Denver.

A la edad de trece años me rebelé en una manera de salvarme de las figuras de autoridad que no había entendido o se preocupaba por mi aprendizaje. Fundé junto con una banda de metal pesado I 1985-1987 era el cantante y el ritmo guitarrista. Mis letras y melodías recordando principios del Sábado Negro, porque compuse textos protesta hostil contra el gobierno de Reagan – que nadie habría esperado de un 15 años de edad.

Empecé en 1992 a trabajar para las campañas presidenciales demócratas y artículos de opinión publicados para la señal en Santa Clarita, California. También trabajé con alguien con autismo casi diez años; le enseña habilidades sociales y le protege de la intolerancia.

Me encanta ser odiado por los conservadores estadounidenses porque nunca deje usted no puede ver lo grandes que son. Es verdaderamente un placer para exponer su intolerancia, su hipocresía y su estupidez. Los conservadores son fáciles de destruir, y sé que tengo que destruyan cuando se involucran en ataques personales o disonancia cognitiva.

Uno de los propósitos principales de este sitio es ayudar a los que hayan caído por matones, intolerantes, asnos. Ya sabes, conservador!

Puesto que no soy integral, hago prestar atención a las situaciones y espero que alguien pueda ayudar cercano. También doy comentario sobre los acontecimientos del día, por lo Invito a cualquiera que tenga un mal social que debería estar protegida en contacto conmigo libertad. Aunque quizá no tenga la solución a su problema, puedo escribir sobre ella, con la esperanza de que alguien en su vecindario es.

Mi especialidad es ayudar a las personas con discapacidades del desarrollo, porque tengo severo daño cerebral causado por la meningitis, que he adquirido en 1971.

Soy un graduado de psicología de la Universidad de Phoenix y voy a adquirir una Maestría en Educación.

No soy la típica estadounidense. Lo que no sé, lo estoy haciendo la investigación y estoy orgulloso de mi trabajo. Si estoy equivocado, me tomo la responsabilidad y pido para estar bien. Lo que pasa es que tengo mis fuentes de llamadas y mis oponentes en la tierra. Y por supuesto que les pateo como son. Eso es lo que sucede.

Por favor, dime qué estado vienes, para que pueda examinar su cultura y sobre esa respuesta.

Naar Mijn lezers in Nederland



Ik heb onlangs opgemerkt dat ik enkele lezers in Nederland heb. Voor degenen onder jullie, die mij hebben gestruikeld, laat me alsjeblieft me voorstellen.

Mijn naam is Jim Rousch. Ik kom oorspronkelijk uit de buitenwijken van Los Angeles, Californië, maar ik woon momenteel in de voorsteden Denver.

Op de leeftijd van dertien werd ik opstandig op een manier om mezelf te redden van gezagsfiguren die mij niet begrepen of verzorgd waren over mijn leerstoornissen. Ik stichtte samen met een heavy metal band waarin ik 1985 tot 1987 de hoofdzanger en ritme gitarist was. Mijn teksten en melodieën herinnerden aan de vroege Black Sabbath, omdat ik vijandige protestteksten tegen de Reagan-administratie componeerde – die niemand zou hebben Verwacht van een 15-jarige.

Ik begon in 1992 voor Democratische presidentiële campagnes te werken en publiceerde opinie stukken voor The Signal in Santa Clarita, Californië. Ik heb ook bijna tien jaar met iemand met autisme gewerkt; Leert hem sociale vaardigheden en beschermt hem tegen bigotry.

Ik hou ervan om gehaat te worden door Amerikaanse conservatieven omdat ze nooit falen laten zien hoe groot ze zijn. Het is echt een genoegen om hun bigotry, hun hypocrisie en hun domheid bloot te stellen. Conservatieven zijn makkelijk te vernietigen en ik weet dat ik ze vernietig heb wanneer ze zich bezighouden met persoonlijke aanvallen of cognitieve dissonantie.

Een van de belangrijkste doeleinden van deze site is om mensen te helpen die worden gedood door bullies, bigots, jackasses. U weet, CONSERVATIEF!

Aangezien ik niet alomvattend ben, doe ik aandacht aan situaties en hoop dat iemand in de buurt kan helpen. Ik geef ook commentaar op de gebeurtenissen van de dag, dus ik nodig iedereen uit die een sociaal kwaad heeft waarvan ik beschermd moet worden om contact met me op vrijheid te Terwijl ik misschien niet de oplossing voor uw probleem heb, kan ik erover schrijven, in de hoop dat iemand bij jou in de buurt staat.

Mijn specialiteit is het helpen van mensen met ontwikkelingsstoornissen, want ik heb ernstige hersenschade van meningitis die ik in 1971 verworven heb.

Ik ben een afgestudeerde psychologie aan de Universiteit van Phoenix en ik zal een master in Education verwerven.

Ik ben niet de typische Amerikaan. Wat ik niet weet, doe ik onderzoek en ik ben trots op mijn werk. Als ik me vergis, neem ik er verantwoordelijkheid voor en vraag het recht te stellen. Wat er wel gebeurt, is dat ik mijn bronnen noem en mijn tegenstanders in het vuil laten. En natuurlijk schop ik ze als ze zijn. Dat is wat er gebeurt.

Vertel me alsjeblieft welke provincie u vandaan komt, zodat ik uw cultuur kan onderzoeken en daarover antwoord geven.


Dank je,

Jim Rousch

Um … is er iemand met de naam Van Bogardess? Ik vraag me af, omdat mijn moeder’s achternaam Bogard was en dat was verkort van Van Bogardess. Ik denk dat ze in de 1600’s naar Amerika kwamen.

Als iemand het weet, bedankt.

I Don’t Have Time, But I Do Have Trouble With Temporal Cognition!

You know that you have to be somewhere today and you know that it’s at 11:30.  The only problem is that it’s now 11:45 and you haven’t left the house.

You scored that big date you have been begging for with that one girl.  She finally said yes, but you just got off the phone with her and she told you to never talk to her again because she thought you stood her up-which you did…you just didn’t realize it.

You see, tonight is Friday, not tomorrow.

You call someone and get lost in the conversation.  You know that you have homework to do and you know that an assignment is due tomorrow.  However, what you felt was only ten minutes actually turned out to be three and a half hours.

While everyone loses track of time occasionally, those who experience this on a regular basis experience difficulty with temporal cognition-myself included.  This deals with the temporal lobe.

Temporal cognition deals with the flowing of time, but it’s tragic when that flow is distorted-or worse, doesn’t exist at all.

Now I understand why I was often a quarter of a beat early when I played metal in the 1980’s.  My clock was different from those in the rest of the band!

And so it is with those who experience difficulty with temporal cognition.

In my own case, I tried to compensate by holding my chords just a moment longer, because I knew I had the tendency to change just a bit too fast.  I’ll have to ask my best friend if ever did a decent job of that, but I think I know what the answer is going to be.

Oh, well!  That was thirty years ago!  How do I know?  This is 2017 and I was in that band from 1985 to 1987.  I just do the math (and carry the one).

So, girls, the next time that geek stands you up, it’s not that he’s a wuss.  He probably has a problem with temporal cognition.  Just give him a call and give him a second chance, because he probably already feels like crap as it already is.

Моїм читачам у Молдові


І виш то аполоґзізе те саме пеопле оф Молдова для твоїх латтенесс оф ми тханкс. Ховевер, І ам гладкий тхат юо фонд ми сите. Я працював над моїми навчаннями, тому що я закінчу свій останній клас як бакалавр.

Мене звуть Джим Роуш, і я спочатку з Лос-Анджелеса, штат Каліфорнія. Метою цього сайту є принесення несправедливості, які страждають повсякденними людьми, але залишаються непоміченими. Я знаю, що це схоже на ковзання між тріщинами, тому я хочу переконатися, що це не відбувається з кимось ще.

Я не вірю в етику, тому що етика не дає людині робити правильну річ. Я не вірю в закон, бо закон сліпий. Я вірю в справедливість, тому що вірю в справедливість.

Ви можете мати правосуддя без закону. Проте забирай справедливість, і закон стає безглуздим.

Ні, я не голосував за цей син сук, який зараз проживає в Білому домі. Ці вибори були вкрадені, щоб консерватори могли виносити законодавство з лави та позбавити громадянських свобод від людей.

“З свободою і справедливістю для всіх” моя чорна осла. Кожен знає, що це навантаження лайно, особливо якщо у вас інвалідність у розвитку або інвалідність у навчанні.

Ось де я приходжу, тому що у мене є обидва, і я точно знаю, що це схоже бути ціллю хворим суспільством, члени якого насміхаються над вами, виключають вас з кожної функції, а потім сука про вашу відсутність внесків у цілий.

Лицеміри, чи не так?

Добре, те, що я хотів би зробити, – скажи мені свої історії, і ми побачимо, чи зможемо ми знайти правильний шлях до неправильного. Іноді це сусід, який не знав, що у вас так багато проблем, іноді це боротьба після школи. Так чи інакше, я хочу справедливість для вас.
Я хочу, щоб ви увійшли до свого суспільства.

Бачачи, як я знаю менше, ніж нічого від вашої культури, те, що я роблю, це провести дослідження і перетнути мої пальці з надією на те, що дам кілька пристойних порад.

Ти вартий цього.
Ваші діти це коштують.
Влузь суспільство.
Мене звуть Джим, і я хочу допомогти. Ви можете надіслати мені свою несправедливість до

У мене майже десятирічний досвід роботи з людьми з порушеннями розвитку, і я працював на кожній президентській кампанії Демократичної партії з 1992 року і до цього часу, і Хілларі пограбували.

Давай поговоримо.


July 26 is a day of irony in the history of the United States of America.

You see, on this day in 1948, President Harry S. Truman desegregated the United States military.  Conversely, CNN and MSNBC report that Trump announced a ban on transgendered people serving in the military.

Wait a minute.  Isn’t the Republican Party supposed to be the party that stays out of your personal life?  Well, they proved themselves to be lying on that one again, didn’t they?

What business is it of anyone’s what anyone is?  Who cares?  Don’t give me this morality crap!  We all know what soldiers do to women when they find them-or do I have to remind you of what happened in Haditha again?

That poor girl and those sick scumfuckers who should have had their necks stretched for that deplorable war crime!  And don’t think that I never bring that up when I see one of these jokers in a parking lot-because I do every time.  Consider it a small price to pay for their parents telling me to leave this country because I marched against the war and consider it a small price to pay for their being stupid enough to believe a Republican and coming home empty-handed….with no weapons of mass destruction.

But, whoa, whoa!  Transgendered personel are somehow the problem!

No, the problem is that conservatives are maybe a little too attracted to those whom they claim to hate.

Aye, Mr. Shakespeare, I agree!  They doth protest too much!

For more information on Executive Order 9981, please go to

Tell Me Again How President Obama Sucked

Obama Approval Rating January 2017_n

To all of you racist, stupid, inbred, fundamentalist xenophobes who still say Barack Obama was the worst president we ever had, explain this Gallup rating he scored less than two weeks before he left office.

He brought us healthcare when people were dying in American waiting rooms, and now insurance companies can’t deny anyone based on the so-called “pre-existing condition.”  Young people can stay on their parents’ plans up until the age of 26.

He killed Bin Laden.

Obama saved the American automobile industry single handedly because no Republican was going to allow the American car industry to survive.

We had the strongest economy in the world.

Yet, some of you seem to think that the xenophobe who occupies the White House at this moment in time is so wonderful-all the while he licks Putin’s ass and calls it chocolate pudding.

Face it.  You’re racist.  This columnist knows it, your neighbors know it, and since Charles Darwin was correct, your descendants will know it in roughly a billion years-assuming the effects of the inbreeding have dissipated, anyway.

The world still respects Barack Obama, and the current leader of the free world, Angela Merkel, longs for Obama’s presence at the meetings because Wigboy is so inept that it’s pathetic.  She also knows that those of you who voted for this putz are about as intelligent as a bar of soap.

My apologies to those of the soap gland, but that’s about the size of it.

It seems to those of us who live in the real world that Barack Obama might be the last president of the United States  during the era when America was the greatest nation in the world.  Then again, that all depends on how quickly we can get this son of a bitch out of the White House because we’re done as a nation if Wigboy stays for all four years-and Pence would be worse.

Think of an American ayatollah.

If you would rather have that than Barack Obama, any normal person would say that you need to leave this nation.


The Black President Didn’t Fail, You Wear White Sheets.

Tell Me Again How I Failed_n  And you might as well admit to that, too, because Donald Trump has taken this nation into the sewer ever since January.

It’s now so bad that Angela Merkel said that the world can no longer completely trust the United States.  Trumpzis, this is all on you.

We, the normal, understand that this was a kneejerk reaction for your having to deal with a black man being the most powerful man in the world for eight years, but he got Bin Laden.  W. let him go because the Bin Ladens and the Bushes are friends-everyone knows that.

Race relations have deteriorated to their worst levels in decades because of this Nazi who bragged about his German blood and called it ‘good stuff.’  The only challenge those of us on the left have is to shut down the pacifists who are still stuck in the 1960s, because you sons of cousins run away from me whenever I get ahold of you.

I don’t fuck around, and you have come to realize that in under thirty seconds.  Thus, you run-just like the cowards that you are.

Whatever the history books censor about Barack Obama is already in my files, so I will do whatever is necessary to preserve his legacy:

American auto industry alive-Bin Laden dead.
Homeownership boom.
One of the longest peacetime economic expansions in American history, with over 14 million jobs created.

Why couldn’t you get a high-paying job?  Oh, poor Jethro!  Had you gone to night school instead of banging Wanda Mae, you’d actually have enough money to drive a jalopy instead of that Radio Flyer wagon you use to drive to your place of employment at the family gas station.  However, seeing how you thought he was a Muslim (which, even if he were would still be okay-according to the Constitution), your life sucks worse now than it did under President Obama-and it’s about to get worse!  You fools think college is bad!

I’m sorry, but I only reserve my compassion for those who are down on their luck through no fault of their own, not for klansmen who voted for a white supremacist.
Barack Obama maintained America’s greatness, but if we fall….we’re coming after you Trump bastards.

Don’t Help Those Who Vote Against Their Own Interests

This graphic, which was released by Yahoo News earlier this week, further demonstrates a serious disconnect between those who have a clue and those who are simply too stupid to deserve help from Washington, D.C.

It’s Trump’s approval ratings as ranked by state.

There are some interesting observations here, one of those being that Trump’s approval rating is 42 percent in Texas. While Texas is a reliably red state, according to The Texas Tribune’s story, written by Patrick Svitek, Trump took Texas the smallest margin for a Republican presidential candidate in two decades: 9 points.

One can only guess as to Trump’s numbers in Alaska. It could be the racial demographics, as whites outnumber American Indian or Alaska natives about 4:1. As for the rest of it, one can plainly see that he has high numbers in the stupid states, those forgotten places which have been condemned by time where you don’t admit to voting Democratic if you want to remain gainfully employed.

I would love to know why 60 percent of voters in the state of West Virginia, 59 percent of voters in North Dakota, and 58 percent of voters in South Dakota worship this thief-and then, there’s Mississippi, with a insane poverty rate of 22 percent (!

Many Democrats where I live tell me that we must be kind to those who have threatened us of late; that we should be kind to these Alt-Right idiots who consistently vote against their own interests-which might make for good strategy: that is, if you’re suicidal.

I have been told that we must help these people who hate us see that voting Republican has impoverished them, rather than empowered them.

No, these idiots vote Republican because the Republican Party justifies their bigotry. I’m sorry, but I see a bigot, I remind it of where Adam and Eve originated, I remind it that it worships a rabbi every Sunday, and then…I knock it into a wall.

Go ahead and say it out loud. I don’t mind, because it’s true! That’s what I am, and I’m damned proud of it. That’s what one has to be when one defends the developmentally disabled and the immigrant against someone whom you would think values the few teeth he has left.

Then again, you did read my article on how these lowlifes devalue education. So, there’s your answer, sport.

Fuck ’em.

What the Fuck, Dude? Didn’t Jesus Say…

Didn’t Christ mention time and again that one cannot serve God and money?

I saw this in the parking lot at the Verizon Amphitheatre (formerly Irvine Meadows) as I ran to see the Motley Crue/Kiss show.   I was already annoyed, because I could hear Crue playing Shout at the Devil-something I had waited to hear live in concert for 29 years.

Now, just to be honest, I’m in this life purely for the cash now-only because I was never allowed to acquire in an ethical manner since I was eighteen-years-old.  God has to be nice to me because, quite frankly, the Bastard owes me for allowing me to struggle into my late forties.  And if you think that your youth is going to be restored as promised in Psalm 103:5, that’s a lie.

God allows Lucifer to steal from you, He always breaks His promises-and I can prove that accusation in just one verse:

Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re

Forget about me.  I only point to the hypocrisy you see in this photo.  What did Jesus ride upon His entry into Jerusalem, where He was about to be murdered?  He basically drove the equivalent of 1978 Pinto-a piece of crap; the foal of a donkey.

May I suggest that you save yourself and get what is rightfully yours-even if you never had the opportunity to earn it?  It’s not stealing when society’s prejudice against you prevented you from going about it ethically in the first place.

Just remind the Father of Exodus 4:11 and walk on past the Gate anyway.

Some people are just too smart for the Lord.

You see, the Father didn’t think this entire concept of sending people to Hell to its logical conclusion, because I’m not going to Hell.

The reason why I won’t burn like an American flag in Sheol is because I know Christ rose from the dead, simply because I know that crucifixion kills via asphyxiation, and His knees were not hit.  You have to push up with the legs in order to breathe.  Furthermore, Roman guards who fell asleep at their posts were burned where they slept.


See?  I told you the Father can’t send me to Hell!  That being stated, I’m going to acquire a hundred times what the Father should have allowed me to work for and there’s nothing He can do about it when I die.  Since I know Christ died because I tend to be a prick, and since I know Christ rose from the dead, the Father has to remain silent as I walk past the Gate.

Of course I’m going to smile at the Father and flash my voting finger as I walk by Him!  You know, the one-fingered salute; the bird!  I’ll already be dead!  He won’t be able to rescind upon my demise! 

You see, my golden ticket may be torn, but it’s still a golden ticket.  Hence, I have beaten the Father at His own game.  I’ve also beaten Lucifer, because I’m still alive.


Bun venit, România!


Numele meu este Jim Rousch. Sunt inițial din suburbiile din Los Angeles, California, dar acum locuiesc în Denver suburban.

Am devenit insurecționist la vârsta de treisprezece ani ca pe o cale de a mă salva de la figurile de autoritate care nu au înțeles și nu au îngrijit de dizabilitățile mele de învățare. Am fondat o trupa de metal greu in care eram principalul cantaret si chitarist al ritmului din 1985 pana in 1987. Versurile si melodiile mele amintesc de Black Sabbath devreme, intrucat compuneau versuri de protest ostile impotriva administratiei Reagan - pe care nimeni nu le-ar fi avut Se așteaptă de la un copil de 15 ani.

Am început să lucrez pentru campaniile prezidențiale democratice în 1992 și am creat piese de opinie pentru ziarul The Signal din Santa Clarita, California. De asemenea, am lucrat cu cineva cu autism timp de aproape 10 ani; Învățându-i abilitățile sociale și protejându-l de bigotrie.

Mă duc să fiu urât de conservatorii americani, pentru că niciodată nu dau dovadă de cât de mari sunt ei. Este cu adevărat o plăcere să-i expuneți bigotismul, ipocrizia și prostia lor. Conservatorii sunt ușor de distrus și știu că i-am distrus ori de câte ori se angajează în atacuri personale sau în disonanță cognitivă.

Unul din scopurile principale ale acestui site este acela de a ajuta pe cei care sunt victimizați de bătăuși, bigoți, bâzâitori. Știi, conservanți!
Din moment ce nu sunt omniprezent, ceea ce fac este să atrag atenția asupra situațiilor și să sper că cineva din apropiere vă poate ajuta. De asemenea, comentez despre evenimentele zilei, așa că invit pe oricine care are un rău social din care să fie protejat să mă contacteze la În timp ce s-ar putea să nu am soluția problemei tale, pot să scriu despre asta cu speranța că cineva de lângă tine.

Specialitatea mea este de a ajuta persoanele cu dizabilități de dezvoltare, deoarece am leziuni grave ale creierului cauzate de meningită, pe care le-am dobândit în 1971.

Sunt absolvent al psihologiei de la Universitatea din Phoenix și voi dobândi un masterat în educație.

Nu sunt americanul tipic. Ceea ce nu știu, fac cercetări și mă mândresc cu munca mea. Dacă mă înșel, îmi asum responsabilitatea și cer să fie stabilită drept. Cu toate acestea, ceea ce se întâmplă este că îmi citez sursele și las pe deturătorii mei în murdărie - și, bineînțeles, îi dau lovituri când nu mai sunt. Asta se întâmplă.
Când îmi scrieți, vă rog să-mi spuneți de ce provin, pentru ca să vă pot cerceta cultura și să răspund în consecință.



Jim Rousch

Welcome, China!

I have recently noticed that I have some readers in China. To those of you in China who have stumbled upon me, let me please introduce myself.

My name is Jim Rousch.  I'm originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, but I currently live in suburban Denver.

I became an insurrectionist at the age of thirteen as a way of saving myself from authority figures who neither understood nor cared about my learning disabilities.  I co-founded a heavy metal band in which I was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist from 1985 until 1987.  My lyrics and melodies were reminiscent of early Black Sabbath, as I composed hostile protest lyrics against the Reagan Administration-which no one would have expected from a 15-year-old.

I began working for Democratic presidential campaigns in 1992 and penned opinion pieces for The Signal newspaper in Santa Clarita, California.  I also worked with someone with autism for nearly 10 years; teaching him social skills and protecting him from bigotry.

I get off on being hated by American conservatives because they never fail demonstrate just how bigoted they are.  It's truly a pleasure to expose their bigotry, their hypocrisy, and their stupidity.  Conservatives are easy to destroy and I know that I have destroyed them whenever they engage in personal attacks or cognitive dissonance.

One of the main purposes of this site is to help people who are victimised by bullies, bigots, jackasses.  You know, CONSERVATIVES!

Since I'm not omnipresent, what I do is call attention to situations and hope that someone nearby can help.  I also comment on the events of the day, so I invite anyone who has a social evil from which to be protected to contact me at  While I might not have the solution to your problem, I can write about it in the hope that someone near you does.

My specialty is helping people with developmental disabilities, as I have severe brain damage from meningitis which I acquired in 1971.

I am a graduate of psychology from the University of Phoenix and I will acquire a Master's in Education.

I am not the typical American.  What I don't know, I conduct research, and I take pride in my work.  If I am mistaken, I take responsibility for it and ask to be set straight.  However, what happens is that I cite my sources and leave my detractors in the dirt-and of course I kick them when they're down.  That's what happens.

When writing to me, please tell me which province you come from so that I may research your culture and answer accordingly.


Thank you,

Jim Rousch


我叫Jim Rousch。我最初來自加利福尼亞州洛杉磯的郊區,但我現在住在丹佛郊區。








我不是典型的美國人我不知道,我進行研究,我為自己的工作感到自豪。如果我錯了,我負責,要求直線。然而,發生什麼事情是我引用我的消息來源,把我的詆毀者放在污垢中 – 當然,當我們沮喪的時候我會踢他們。這就是事情。





Thank you.


Jim Rousch



No Remorse

Donald Trump just asked if he could pardon himself!

Can you believe that?

Who asks that kind of question, other than those who know they are guilty-especially of a capital crime like treason?

Donald Trump believes that he is above the law and above the Constitution, as does any conservative.  However, Trump takes this arrogance to a new depth to which no conservative has stooped to; not Nixon, not Reagan, nor either of the Bushes.  The worst part of all is that he is using the office of the Presidency to line his own pockets-as if he doesn’t have enough money.

Oh, one might mention salary, but it’s more than that.  This scumbag is making deals with the Russians-and now it looks like he’s making deals with the Chinese…all while he is opening national land to exploitation for things like his stupid border wall.

One of the things I would love to do is find one of his servants and get the lowdown on this lowlife, and we all know that the only reason white conservatives stick with this piece of garbage is because of their hatred of Barack Obama-which even President Obama now attests.

It’s funny, because Republicans once stated that liberals were guilty of treason-not that they ever had any facts with which to reinforce that accusation.  However, now that their great white hope is stained in red, they prefer to remain in the dark-and that’s probably because conservatives know that they’ve always been full of crap.

It’s because conservatives know, but are too cowardly to admit to the fact that they are just as guilty of the crime of treason than any liberal whom they have accused of ever was.

Have you ever heard of the idea of being an accessory to the crime?  This is the crime in which every conservative in this nation shares guilt.

Fuck War With North Korea! Let’s Go Back to the Moon!

Today is the 48th Anniversary of the Moon landing, yet we haven’t taken another small step after that.

Oh, sure.  We sent Vikings 1 and 2 to Mars and Pioneers 10 and 11 are out of the solar system, and we have the International Space Station, but we ended the shuttle program-which means we pay the Russians $81 million per person every time we want to send Americans to space (source: .

Good call, George W. Dumbass.

Oh?  You thought that was under Barack Obama?  You poor insolent, inbred racist, you!  It was that fucking cowboy who killed the shuttle program in 2004.  I’m sorry, but you can’t blame the black president for that one, either.

If I had a penny for every white conservative who blamed President Obama for killing that program, I could run for president and reopen Andersonville so that I could throw all the right-wing liars in there.

What we should really do is send a shuttle to the International Space Station, where the ISS serves as a depot, either for flights to a base on the Moon or to Mars, but why do that when we can waste money on another war that we can’t afford, right?

It’s the classic way to send America down for the count-like Donald Trump is doing right now.

I grew up in a time when people talked using space colonies as a way to solve overpopulation on Earth.

Enter Ronald Reagan-who “forgot” all about it.

We then decided to waste our money on war in the 1990’s with the Gulf War and later with the Iraq War-and Trump wants to go to war with North Korea?

Newsflash, Wigboy!  You need money for war, and you want to cut taxes for the rich!

At least Richard Nixon and Jerry Ford knew well enough to keep the next generation of American children inspired through the space program-it distracted their parents from the money being wasted on the military industrial complex!

Grow A Spine Or Get In Line




I love how many on the left behave as if they have no idea of what to do these days. They say that they are angry, but they are the biggest bunch of whiners that I have ever seen.

For the record, I am very far to the left, but I vote for centrist Democrats.


I vote for centrists because to vote further left is suicide at this moment in time. We got lucky with President Obama because of how poor George W. Bush was as a leader. President Obama could afford to go to the left for the first two years of his administration, but not after the 2010 meltdown.

I don’t even try to explain this to “progressives” anymore because they live in their own world, where Jimi Hendrix still plays the Star Spangled Banner and where there was nothing but pot and orgies everywhere. The funny thing is that I get into as many arguments with “progressives” as I do with conservatives-but for different reasons. The war I have with conservatives is about human dignity and the war I have with progressives is about reality.

Conservatives are as humane as progressives are sensible.

Conservatives refuse to raise the minimum wage and progressives want a squeaky clean political system-which will never happen.

All the progressives do in the end is hurt the very people they seek to help by making their ideas unattractive to Mr. and Mrs. Dumbass America; those two jokers who vote against their own interests every other November and never get it through their heads that it’s the Republicans who continue to give companies access to their respective 401 K’s.

The worst thing of all with progressives is that their eyes widen with fear every time something gets worse because they weren’t willing to do two things: move to the center-left and they aren’t willing to take conservatives on in a streetfight.

That’s when I start to laugh, because the progressives accuse me of being a conservative-only thing being that I’ve actually received death threats from conservatives, both online and in person. Conservatives have actually aimed weapons at me.

Progressives need to realize that American society has to experience something worse than the Great Depression before they’re going to get any of the reforms that they want. As for conservatives, they either need to practice what they preach or shove that Bible someplace, because if they’re going to tell a rape victim she has to be a mother, they take the social responsibility of helping her rear that which they forced upon her-read 1 John 3:17 and Matthew 25:42–45.

You’ll see that it’s true.

However, back to these progressives.
What they don’t get is that change comes slowly-and no one regrets to break that news more than I do.


Because human beings are irrationally frightened of change.

I mean, the beautiful thing about a left-wing dictatorship is that you’re there with a baseball bat and you give the moron the option of accepting someone whom he doesn’t understand or having his brains all over the pavement…but we don’t live in that kind of nation, so this is what we’re stuck with, and until this society has reached the level of awareness that we have, progressives either need to consider giving conservatives an education similar to that one would see in the alley or just wait it out-and stop acting frightened of the Alt-Right, please! That’s just caving into them!

You Don’t Know Shit About The Flag


I, ever since my teens, have REFUSED to do something if I have no idea for the reason behind it.  This is not a case of simple adolescent rebellion.  This is self-preservation, as this is why I can think for myself.

One thing which amazes me is how people know very little about the history of the American flag.  They have no idea how it’s SUPPOSED TO BE folded, WHY you don’t fly it at night (unless a light shines on it), or that the soldier’s hat from the Revolution is WHY it’s folded into a triangle.  They also have no idea that, upon flying it at half-staff, you raise it at full-staff at noon.  FURTHERMORE, the PROPER WAY to put it at half-staff is to erect the flag at full-staff FIRST and THEN lower it to half.

This is something which I was taught from my old man, who was in the military in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  He was on one of the C-130s in October of 1962 when President Kennedy had decided to take the missile sites out, since Nikita Khruschev had refused to do so up to that point in time.

I learned all of this before I was eight-years-old, so I really think that conservatives need to shut up about flag etiquette.  Take your Lee Greenwood bullshit and shove it up your ass.

By the way, it is legal to burn it as a sign of protest: Supreme Court decision Texas v. Johnson, 1989.   Hence, I can burn it right in front of Jeff Sessions and that racist hick can’t do shit to me-just like his arrest of the woman who laughed at him has been expunged (source:

My suggestion to the right-wing scumbags among us is to treat every American equally.  People won’t burn an American flag if they don’t have a reason to do so, so stop giving people a reason to burn the flag.  After all no one ever died for a piece of cloth.  What they died for was the right to discuss this issue.

Some People Just Aren’t As Liberal As They Believe They Are

It’s interesting when someone who considers himself a Democrat doesn’t give someone with brain injury the benefit of the doubt, because when they respond by making the statement that some things truly aren’t excuses.

However, when they continue to use less than completely civilised verbiage while addressing you, it really doesn’t give the best impression of how they will treat those who are like you, because if they use foul verbiage with regard to you they are likely to behave the same way toward someone like you who deals with more problems.

One who wants to run for office, yet uses an F-bomb on a fellow Democrat who actually remained loyal to his party during the spring of 2016 should beware of how he treats a consistent Democrat.

Whites Tolerate Police Brutality

Doesn’t it amaze you how many white people are willing to tolerate police brutality?

“Well, if they followed commands, they wouldn’t be getting hit.”

What about the people who do follow commands-and still get beaten or shot?  You know, at some point some people are just going to have to accept that they hate people of other races or people with disabilities-or both.

That’s what it really comes down to.

Time and again, we see American police officers brutalize people for no reason.  What’s truly sickening is that they make themselves out to be the victims:

“We don’t know if we’re coming home!”

Well, I guess the wife will be spared the beating tonight whether they decide to sleep it off at the bar, bang their respective squeeze on the side, or best of all…meet street justice.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the wife took out an insurance policy on the bastard and he stages reckless driving with the intention of being pulled over and…..

Hey, I know I’d be laughing my ass off!

When police officers get away with terrorizing the developmentally disabled, raping women at traffic stops, killing black kids, and framing young black males just to make them unable to vote, so there’s no sense in trying to help them.

I wonder how many Hispanics are going to  be on the receiving end of their klan activities now that the American Fuhrer has set up a policy to deport Hispanics for even a traffic violation.

I remember a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy came to my door once when I lived in Santa Clarita, California, and the first words out of my mouth were: “What the fuck do you want?”

I was twenty-two at the time, but I had already had a gun to my head and put to the ground-despite the fact that I had no arrest record.  I guess my long hair had something to do with that-and the 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix with the big Megadeth and KNAC Pure Rock 105.5 stickers just exasperated things, but I wasn’t going to let the cops intimidate me into changing.

You know, it’s funny.  It’s nearly thirty years later, and the only thing which has changed is the length of my hair-it’s not down past my shoulders anymore.  However, I’m still getting harassed.

Back in 1992, I got pulled over for my KNAC and Megadeth stickers.  Today, it’s my blue 2012 sticker.  I know this because I am never followed if I don’t have a sticker on the car, so the issue is that I represent something that the police don’t like-a free man, most likely.

It was practically a daily ritual.  Get up, shit, shower, brush hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, head out the door, get pulled over.

I was even pulled over for my Clinton-Gore stickers in 1992.  I know this because the harassment ended when the stickers came off of my 1984 Ford Thunderbird.

Again, I see so many whites justify police who break the law by violating the constitutional rights of others under the 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments.  I wonder how they will feel after the cops murder either their child or beat him so severely that he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

No, I won’t feel sympathy for them-nor should you.  People sometimes have to learn the hard way; that no matter how they address the officer or what they look like, he has already made the decision as to how he’s going to treat them.

I guess that’s why I get along with blacks and Hispanics much more than I do whites.

Au peuple de France, 14 juillette, 2017

Au peuple de France :

Je pense à vous et vos ancêtres aujourd’hui sur ce 228e anniversaire du raid de la Bastille.
Vous étiez la faim et la pauvreté. J’avoue que j’aimerais en savoir plus sur Jacques Necker, qui a été évincés trois jours avant l’attaque, mais je comprends aussi que le roi Louis XVI entouré Paris avec les soldats.

L’hôtel des invalides a été perquisitionné, lorsque vos ancêtres ont eu 3 000 armes à feu et cinq canons, le seul problème était que la Bastille était le sort de la poudre nécessaire pour tirer les canons.

King Louis XVI ne comprends pas, at-il, quand il a demandé de La Rochefoucauld, sur la situation. Louis a pensé qu’il s’agit d’une simple rébellion, et je doute fort qu’il prit au sérieux réponse de La Rochefoucauld lorsque le duc a répondu : « Non, Sire, une révolution ! »

Quelles concessions Louis n’ont fait avant vous lui mettez la lame ? L’autre chose, que je voudrais savoir quel compte de son exécution est correcte ? La lame se coincer ou il sera guillotiné deux fois ? Ce sont les comptes dont je connais et je tiens à être redressé.

Certes, je me rends compte que la mort par décapitation n’est pas instantanée, comme le prisonnier est encore conscient pendant une période de temps après les faits, et tentative de suicide de Robespierre (balle dans la mâchoire la nuit précédant son exécution sans procès, de ce que je comprends) n’était aucune attraction de Disneyland.

Je ne sais pas quoi d’autre à écrire à ce sujet, mis à part le fait que je pense du peuple Français en ce jour ; sachant que les américains n’auraient pas une nation sans eux.

Merci beaucoup et Vive la révolution !

In English:

To the people of France:

I think of you and your ancestors today on this 228th anniversary of the raid of the Bastille.

You were hungry and poor.  I admit that I would like to learn more about Jacques Necker, who was ousted three days before the attack, but I also realize that King Louis XVI surrounded Paris with soldiers.

The Hotel des Invalids was raided, where your ancestors took 3,000 firearms and five cannons-the only problem was that the Bastille was the whereabouts of the gunpowder needed to fire those canons.

King Louis XVI didn’t get it, did he, when he asked de La Rochefoucauld about the situation?  Louis figured it to be a mere rebellion, and I highly doubt that he took de La Rochefoucauld’s reply seriously when the duke replied, “No, Sire, a revolution!”

What concessions did Louis make before you put him to the blade?  The other thing I would like to know is which account of his execution is the correct one?  Did the blade get stuck or was he guillotined twice?  These are the accounts of which I know and I would like to be set straight.

I certainly realize that death by decapitation isn’t instantaneous, as the prisoner is still conscious for a period of time after the fact, and Robespierre’s failed suicide attempt (shooting himself in the jaw the night prior to his execution without trial, from what I understand) was no Disneyland ride.

I don’t know what else to write about this, other than the fact that I think of the French people on this day; knowing that Americans would not have a nation without them.

Merci beaucoup et Vive la revolution!

New E-mail Address To Reach Me

Due to the fact that my other accounts are LOADED with too many things, I have decided to set up a different account just for this, so that I don’t miss a thing.

Anyone who has a story to tell or needs help can reach me at

Please disclose as much information as you are comfortable and tell me how to reach you.

People should not face discrimination because of who they are. I will try to do what no one else does: get you justice in any way I can. If I can’t do it, maybe someone closer to you to geographically can.

As long as it’s done, right?

If I only wind up serving as the messenger, that’s fine. You are not alone.

Conservatives Are More Stupid Than Anyone Realized

The Pew Research Center released its findings Monday on how Americans view higher education.

Once upon a time, it was Republicans who valued college because they knew college was the gateway to economic freedom.  However, the findings exhibited by Pew this week show that the average Republican voter values intellect even less than he actually possesses the same.

He seems to worship his own ignorance!

According to the article, Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions, conservatives state that colleges have a deleterious impact on America.  How ironic it should be that they trust the financial institutions that rape them economically now so that they can throw them into debtor’s prison later.

A whopping 58% of those on the right hate colleges and universities-yet, they blame the Democrats for trying to save them.

Worse yet, more Republican voters hate unions by a thirteen point margin-even though the unions want workers to be paid fairly.

The truth of the matter is that one can only help someone who needs and wants help-even if they don’t know how to ask for it.  Those who hate the idea of being well-educated; hate the idea of being paid fairly, but trust the very ones who are screwing them just need to die in peace so that those who presently have no say with regard to their respective futures can simply take over and live well.

Time? What is Time?


Something weird is going on in life and I can’t explain it.

For the third time in my prison sentence on this God-forsaken rock, I’m willing to put my neck on the line for someone.

The first time was in my late twenties and the second time was throughout my thirties.  Were it not for me, the poor guy would have been shot by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies, because I had to explain that he had autism and that I was the only one in danger

I usually forget that things take time, because I have no sense of the concept-and I never did. One hour, one day, one week? It’s all the same to me.

I remember when I was in line at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles in August of 1987, while we all waited for the doors to open to go inside for the KISS “Crazy, Crazy Nights” videoshoot, and one of the weirdest moments was when I asked this guy for the time.

“Thanks, dude.”

I could have sworn it was an hour later when I asked him again.

“Hey, what time is it, dude?”
He looked at his watch and replied, “3:15!”
“Are you serious?! It feels like an hour later!”

The only way I can really tell time is when I put my finger on the ground-and no, I’m not kidding. I look at my watch too often and calendars are a pain because I usually don’t know what day it is.

This is all related to my brain damage.

I’m not even sure what the date is today, honestly.

People say that timing is everything, but I was always a quarter of a beat early when I played because time is something I don’t take into account.  Time simply does not exist for me, and it never did-even as far back as elementary school.  Just as I could never keep my columns straight in arithmetic, I couldn’t keep my days on track either.  The only day I knew for sure was Monday.

Yeah, this may seem a bit vague, but there’s a reason for it.  Just humor me and help me try to keep count, okay?  It’s just something I had to get out of my skin.  That’s okay, because the subject of which I have intentionally left vague I find worth the wait-believe me, I have thought this over.

They Want To Secede?? Fuck it, Let ’em.

Source: They Want To Secede?? Fuck it, Let ’em.


He Blames Both Sides?!

HateMap SPLC12@2xTrump blamed both sides for what happened yesterday?

Is he fucking kidding?

This proves that Donald Trump and the Republican Party is a racist organization, all of whom should be purged from the United States of America-and by any means necessary.

There is an explosion of right-wing hate groups since the theft of the 2016 Presidential election.  Donald Trump blamed “all sides.”

Excuse me, but I didn’t see a black kid in that Dodge.

Here are the facts on hate groups in the United States, as provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Any conservative who agrees with Trump should be executed.  Trump, himself, is a racist.  Donald Trump is a neo-Nazi and he needs to be removed-by any means necessary, as one of my civil rights heroes said it.

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Well, look who it is in these two photos!

Donald Trump poses with KKKthDonald Trump KKK mom and dad

So, is it any surprise that this white nationalist didn’t condemn only one side for what happened yesterday?

Donald Trump is like any other Republican: a racist son of a bitch who has no business being president of the United States.  Governor Terry McAuliffe, who said this:

Virginia Governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, condemns white supremacists

It’s safe to say that only Republicans and Libertarians are racist and only liberal Democrats are true patriots.

Conservatism is about leaving the social order as it is.  This means that those who have controlled society should continue to do so.  Conservatives don’t want the disabled to have children, blacks and whites to marry, whites and Hispanics to marry, and so on.

Conservatives want a white nation, which they aren’t going to get.

The only way to eradicate hate in America is to arrest every conservative who dares walk the street-and we can start with the occupants in the White House.   What do we do after that?  There are plenty of light poles and traffic lights, so put one and one together.

To my right-wing detractors, I must remind you that Adam and Eve were black, as the Garden of Eden was in Africa, and a Jew who was born prior to his mother’s marriage to the stepfather was crucified, died, and was buried for our sins-including my own.

Remember: I Actually Have Severe Brain Damage


Now, remember that I have severe brain damage which went into the brain stem when I had meningitis in 1971.

It’s funny whenever a conservative makes his bigoted statement regarding how people with developmental disabilities are incapable of doing anything.  Hell, if I were face to face with Cresent Hardy (R-Nevada), I would play one of my guitar parts for him and then bash him straight in the mouth with my Fender Stratocaster.  I mean, just look at this.

No, people with disabilities aren’t a drain on society-unless they put on an American uniform and drove over a bomb, because they thought they were bad-assed.  The worst thing about that is that those bozos want people like me to shell out more money to pay for their treatments.

Hey, they didn’t get sick.  They didn’t have an accident.  They believed a liar and they made an appointment with an Improvised Explosive Device.

That’s on them.

Innocent children who had no choice with regard to the water their mothers were forced to drink should not be punished for an act which they had no control over-the moment they were born.

I’m not writing a single negative thing about children who have disabilities.  I’m loaded with them.  I am stating that a soldier who questions my patriotism, plays a game of Bad Ass and comes back here in pieces should pay for his own problems-just like everyone else in this society.

He’s not a World War II hero and he didn’t go to Korea.  He is a fool who paid the price for believing a Republican.

As for Cresent Hardy, here is what he said as reported Jen Hayden of  Raw Story on June 11, 2015, as it appeared in Daily Kos:

“I have three children,” Hardy explains. “One of them is summa cum laude and two were magnum cum laude. The other one, he didn’t need an education. He works for Raytheon, smarter than all the rest. He works hard, he builds things that are genius. Some people have that ability.”
“But they all work hard. They are raising their own families,” he continued. “They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they will never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that.”

Remember that this is a piece of garbage who represents the political party which states all life is sacred and that abortion is murder.

Well, one who refuses to follow 1 John 3:17 is guilty of murder by proxy.

1 John 3:17 17If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?

So, to recap, an American soldier who was stupid enough to vote Republican and go off to the quagmire, where he acquires a traumatic brain injury and loses function in one of his legs, wins the lottery, but someone who is developmentally disabled is a drain on society, as per the Republican point-of-view-all of this while the Republican Party wants to shove God down our throats.

What a strange world we live in.

As for Crescent Hardy, he lost re-election last November by double-digits.  Do you think what he said about people like us had anything to do with that?

Crescent Hardy Lost Re-election Bid

Let Me Show You Just How Ignorant We Are.

The following was recently released video by Occupy Democrats in which “the man on the street” asked those who walked along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California as per North Korea’s location in the world.

I closed my eyes and  nearly vomited, but the rest of you will either shake your heads or laugh hysterically-because it’s that bad.

And you wonder how we ended up with a reality TV star in the White House-after he lost the election by three million votes.

I laugh at idiots who willing go to quagmires and then complain about how the Veterans Administration screws them over (truth be known Republicans cut its budget consistently, but we all know that soldiers aren’t that smart).  It’s one thing if a nation has attacked us, but to start a war when your approval rating is in the toilet ultimately destroys your legacy.

It didn’t work for either of the Bushes and it won’t work for this asshole.

The scariest thing about the video which you just saw is that these braindead society of reality TV viewers could very well end up in some foxhole or in a prisoner of war camp.  And then what will they be thinking?

Should Trump go to war with North Korea in a pathetic effort to save himself, I’m still not going to give half a rat’s ass in Hell about these idiots when/if they return from the quagmire, and that is because if can pay attention to the news over the course of my lifetime, so could they.

By the way, how did learn where Korea was before I was even in kindergarten?


I loved that fucking show.

World War III and Lack of Action From My Side

It was a century ago that President Woodrow Wilson said that the United States must make the world safe for democracy.

Hm.  Ya think maybe we should start making this place safe for democracy first?

AlterNet published a story Friday which found that over half of Republicans surveyed would not be uncomfortable if Donald Trump postponed the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States of America.

That's unprecedented.

That also demonstrates how dangerous conservatives are, not just to national security, but also to world security.

This egomaniac is willing to start World War III just to legitimize his presence in the White House when he has no clue of the repercussions.

Sure, the Chinese state that they would remain neutral in such a war.  However, does anyone believe that Beijing would remain neutral for long?

The Chinese won't be able to remain neutral for long should Trump decide to start this quagmire, and even I understand that.  Beijing would be forced to back Pyongyang in self-defense.

By the way, that's when the Americans will really have a problem that they won't be able to resolve.  If the Americans thought that Vietnam and Iraq were bad, not only will this be much worse, but this columnist suspects that it would finish the United States of America as a world power because our word will no longer count for anything anymore.  America may have the most powerful military on Earth for now, but that means nothing when America lacks the credibility to exercise deadly force.

Does anyone here have any idea how much that hurts for me, as an American, to write?

A war against North Korea would basically put America where Spain was after the Spanish-American War.

We would be done as a world power-forever.

We would have two groups in the American political arena to blame for this potential downfall: the Republican Party and progressives.

Republican voters want war.  They want Trump to puff up and show the world how scary he is because they still say that Barack Obama was a militarily weak president-which, of course, is bullshit.  After all, Bin Laden's not walking around anymore, is he?

Conversely, your local yokel Democrat runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, because he doesn't know what to do.  It's not the Democrats in public office who have this problem, it's Joe Dumbass who is an officer in the local Democratic Club in Smalltown, USA who doesn't know what to do.  His solution is to write our representative in Congress (the Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate, so there's no point to wasting time) or march down the street again.  Another thing he does that's stupid is that he tries to push the Democratic Party to Bernie Sanders' Crazyland-where nothing will get passed, nothing will get done, and the Democrat will be destroyed in the next election.

I did that during the Iraq War, and I admit that.  However, there really was no chance in Hell that the United States was going to get out of that quagmire until George W. Bush left.  And while we're still there, I can't think of a gentler way to put this other than to write that our role (at least to my understanding) has greatly diminished during the Obama years.

Here is what really sets me off about the American left right now as I write this column. According to the New York Daily News, half of Republicans would support Trump's decision to delay the 2020 Presidential election were he to do that just
(source:  that.

Meanwhile, the liberals on Facebook just whine and scream like they're fucking three-years-old!  They are baby boomers who either want their Mommy or their toy bear!  They never left the Sixties.  They still believe that marching works.  Well, if marching did a damn bit of good, we wouldn't be seeing black people being murdered by American cops, now would we?

What does that tell you about the state of affairs in my country?  You have theocratic terrorists on the right and three-year-olds on the left!

Good people of this world, I apologize to every  one of you for the butchery of some and the cowardice of others in my country.  I fight both sides every day.

Baby Animals and the Hell of Earth

Just as I was about to go to sleep, I just happened to have seen this video of baby animals greeting this disgusting planet and the worthless sons of cousins who live here.

These innocent children know nothing of the Hell that awaits them-which is why they're smiling.

It's bad enough to know that life on Earth sucks, but it's even worse when you stop and realise that you have no choice but to partake in the insanity.

You have to kill these beautiful beings, you have to eat them-or you die.

My human side proclaims that I love animals-with ketchup. However, my spiritual side wants to punch myself in the mouth for making that proclamation.

I'm building a God damn motherfucking ARK, for Christ's sake. Maybe that duckling could cure me of my ornithobia.

It's a tragedy that we have to eat animals, but plants know that we're eating them, too, and even bacteria in yogurt has both intellect and a conscience, as do plants.

Am I a vegetarian? No, my body requires protein. All I can do is thank the animal's spirit for its sacrifice, as I see this the same way the American Indian does; these are our brothers and sisters who feed us and clothe us. Their selfless sacrifices keep us alive. How do we thank them?

We ruin their homes.

I hate life on this planet; fucking losing proposition no matter how you look at the situation. I wouldn't mind going Donner for awhile, as that would thin out the herd of hypocritical and self-righteous bastards. The only problem with going down that route is that kuhru is a slow and miserable way to finish your prison term on this God forsaken 25,000-mile round prison facility.

Here are some fun facts about this wacky disease.

Come, Lord Jesus and be my guest and let this food to me be blessed.


God damn, I'm depressed.